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the part of Russia that is part of Europe

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Launched in November 2016 and featuring an exclusively English-speaking line-up, the international news channel is leveraging Hotbird distribution capabilities to reach satellite homes in Europe, Western Russia and the Middle East.
This can pull the jet stream south over the Pacific and UK, bringing the increased chance of easterly winds from western Russia reaching Huddersfield - something that hasn't happened for more than two winters.
Kiev and the West say some of those exercises carried out in western Russia near the border with Ukraine were used to increase pressure on Kiev and show support for pro-Russian separatists who took up arms in east Ukraine in April.
WASHINGTON, Nov 20 (KUNA) -- Russia continues to have "postured, ready and capable battalion tactical groups" along the border with Ukraine, particularly in the southeast between Ukraine and western Russia, Rear Admiral John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman, said on Thursday.
Researchers used new techniques to analyze genetic samples from the shin bone of a young man who died at least 36,200 years ago near Kostenki-Borshchevo in what is now western Russia.
Moscow: President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops that took part in military exercises in central and western Russia to return to base after completing their training, Russian news agencies quoted the Kremlin spokesman as saying on Tuesday.
President Vladimir Putin ordered troops involved in a military exercise in western Russia back to base on Tuesday in an announcement that appeared intended to ease East-West tension over fears of war in Ukraine.
The tests of military readiness involve most of the military units in central and western Russia, defence minister Sergei Shoigu said.
MOSCOW Wed Feb 26, 2014 (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin ordered an urgent drill to test the combat readiness of the armed forces across western Russia on Wednesday, news agencies reported, flexing Moscow's military muscle amid tension with the West over Ukraine.
The strong autumn storm St Jude has hit western Russia and the Baltic countries Tuesday, after moving away from northwestern Europe, where the situation is slowly getting back to normal.
has said it plans to establish a car tire plant in Ulyanovsk in western Russia -- its first tire production base in the country -- by the end of June, aiming to build production capacity for around 12,000 tires per day in 2018.
Researchers believe that EAB spread to western Russia by way of the Trans-Siberian Railroad.
investigates the murder of 14 million people by Nazi and Soviet regimes at killing sites in the "bloodlands," the geographic region between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union, encompassing the Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, the Baltics, and western Russia between 1933 and 1945.
com)-- Domestic log prices in Western Russia did not decline long-term as the Russian government had hoped when Russia increased log export tariffs to 25% in April of 2008.
This includes the upgrade of the Moscow - Urals and Urals - Siberia connections and the southern part of the Western Russia network (the 'Big European Ring'), as well as the construction of a 100G network in the far eastern part of the country.
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