Western Roman Empire

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the western part after the Roman Empire was divided in 395

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Mutiny, invasion and the taking of Rome by force would ensue and by 476 AD, the Western Roman Empire would splinter into warlike kingdoms and the Eastern Byzantine Empire would rule for another 1,000 years.
Valens attacked the Visigoths in 378AD in a battle often viewed as marking the start of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.
Acknowledged by many as the oldest republic in the world, it is the sole survivor of the independent states that existed in Italy at various times from the downfall of the Western Roman Empire to the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861.
Segedunum is also the only fort in the western Roman Empire where the complete ground plan of a fort can be viewed from a 35-metre tower and it is the most excavated fort within the World Heritage Site of Hadrian's Wall.
His most astonishing (and miraculous) achievement came in 452 when Leo somehow convinced Attila the Hun and his horde to withdraw behind the Danube River, freeing the Western Roman Empire from that onslaught.
He also acknowledges that for a thousand years, from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries, European power declined after the fall of the Western Roman empire.
While the western Roman Empire and Christendom were going through the chaotic fifth to ninth centuries, in the east, Christendom was growing, helped by the general prosperity of the Byzantine Empire (330-1453).
This book collects scholarly essays on various subjects, which are united by a shared interest in changing meanings and hybrid forms in the languages, arts, and cultures of Late Antiquity in both the Eastern and Western Roman Empire.
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