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Intruders being hunted down: India dropped paratroopers over vast areas in West Pakistan.
Who will compromise on the issue of West Pakistan refugees @jkpdp or @BJP4India?
Earlier, the parliamentary standing committee on home affairs had recommended that refugees from erstwhile West Pakistan, who have settled in the state, should be given ' permanent resident' certificate and voting right for the Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir.
The West Pakistan Refugees mainly occupy government land and depend on it for their livelihood.
Tea production had shot up considerably to the extent that East Pakistan met the needs of West Pakistan at a higher rate.
The tribunal was set up by the Bangladeshi government in March 2010 to try defendants for war crimes in Bangladesh when the then East Pakistan fought for independence from what was then the State of Pakistan, controlled by the then West Pakistan.
Summary: A US drone strike has killed a key Taliban commander, known as Mullah Nazir, in north west Pakistan.
Bangladesh says that 3 million civilians were killed, between 200,000-500,000 women were raped, thousands of homes were torched and millions were displaced during the nine-month war, when then-East Pakistan seceded from West Pakistan to become the independent nation of Bangladesh.
While they shared a religion, Islam, there were major cultural and linguistic differences between East and West Pakistan.
Northern India was then divided into two countries, West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).
Furthermore, Pakistan was to be composed of two territories - West Pakistan and East Pakistan - almost 2,000 miles apart, separated by India.
In chapter five Hindu approach toward the economic viability of Pakistan and the weak foundations of both East and West Pakistan were discussed in detail.
Serological classification of isolates from West Pakistan and Thailand: evidence for two new species.
29, 1957 - 250 killed in Montgomery, West Pakistan (now known as Sahiwal, Pakistan)
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