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In that first assembly session of Independent West Pakistan a proposal was adopted that Urdu should the national language of both West Pakistan and East Pakistan respectively.
He was one of a few West Pakistan Assembly members who were very much vocal against military dictator Gen Ayub Khan on assembly floor.
On the subject of answering questions in Bengali, the minister said the Bengali-speaking students in West Pakistan would be allowed from the next academic year to answer question papers up to the degree level in their mother tongue with a view, among other reasons, to popularising Bengali in the province of Sindh.
The military Junta in West Pakistan was finally convinced that Bengal is ungovernable and it had to secede.
They bore the major financial burden of Pakistan and happily too for more than 15 years and till 1962 the cash flow was from East Pakistan to West Pakistan.
Another political outfall, not fully realized but which acted like slow poison or cancer, was the lack of action in West Pakistan on the Muslim League high command's decision under the Quaid e Azam to abolish zamindari (as mentioned to me by Khwaja Nazimuddin) while East Pakistan went ahead with it immediately.
The speech inspired the Bengali people of what was then East Pakistan to prepare for a war of independence amid widespread reports of armed mobilisation by West Pakistan.
he would have succeeded in bringing East and West Pakistan closer together.
The most glaring example of this, records Brownmiller, is how, during the war for independence of Bangladesh, rape became a systematic weapon used by West Pakistan forces against the people of then East Pakistan.
But very few of us know that in the past it remained part of a province which was the province of West Pakistan (1955-1970) comprised of all the territories of today's Pakistan.
Other proof such as names in the Parliamentary voter list, are to be taken as proof of their being refugees from West Pakistan and the certificate issued by the village Numberdar/ Sarpanch can be accepted and taken into account for the purpose of recruitment in CAPFs and Assam Rifles against the quota of the J&K State.
East and West Pakistan were geographically remote from each other, divided by thousands of miles of Indian territory.
Malala, 18, was shot three years ago after writing a diary of life under Taliban rule in North West Pakistan.
A RECOMMENDATION by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs to grant ' permanent resident' status to refugees from erstwhile West Pakistan, settled in Jammu and Kashmir, has attracted Hurriyat's ire.
Malaysian authorities are seeking diplomatic permission to investigate a theory that the Boeing 777 may have been flown under the radar to Taliban-controlled bases on the border of Afghanistan and North West Pakistan, The Independent reported Monday.
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