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the part of west central London containing the main entertainment and shopping areas

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Strike while the iron's hot, you know--while she's fresh to the town: in a few weeks some d fellow from the West End will come in with a title and a rotten rent-roll and cut all us City men out, as Lord Fitzrufus did last year with Miss Grogram, who was actually engaged to Podder, of Podder & Brown's.
The father's reply to this was founded upon the information which he had got in the City: that the West End chaps would infallibly catch hold of the heiress if any delay took place: that if he didn't marry Miss S.
If I had kept the company SOME FOLKS have had through MY MEANS, perhaps my son wouldn't have any reason to brag, sir, of his SUPERIORITY and WEST END AIRS (these words were uttered in the elder Osborne's most sarcastic tones).
Once or twice, hating the thought of going back to Barnes, Philip had remained in town, and late in the evening wandered through the West End till he found some house at which there was a party.
And now, O Arcade, so much fairer than thy West End brother, we are told that thou art doomed, anon to be turned into an eatinghouse or a hive for usurers, something rankly useful.
Nor had she been blind to the marked respect shown Joe by the urchins and groups of young fellows on corners, when she walked with him in their own neighborhood down at the west end of the town.
I should speak of foreign dancers, and the West End of London, and May Fair, and lords and ladies and honourables.
He spoke of some burglary which, he said, had been committed in the West End, and he appeared, I remember, to be quite unnecessarily excited about it, declaring that a day should not pass before we should add stronger bolts to our windows and doors.
An exclusive collection of homes are available at Westmark Tower, Berkeley Homes' landmark UK scheme West End Gate.
9 million for Millennium at West End, an upscale 15-unit apartment complex adjacent to The Shops at West End in St.
Investment in West End commercial property reached 3.
19 July 2017 - Nashville-based private equity firm West End Holdings LLC has acquired US-based community newspapers, websites and magazines publisher American Hometown Publishing Inc.
They won the title at West End by a point from the host club.
If you would like to work with West End performers and many industry professionals then this is definitely the course for you.
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