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With the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, Palestinan leaders accepted Israel's existence and the idea that a future Palestinian state would emerge only from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
The Palestinians, on the other hand, base their claims on these very same waters, which arise mainly as rainfall over the areas populated mainly by the Palestinians and now partially under the control and rule of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank with equal determination, on the principles of international law which call for equitable sharing of international trans-boundary water resources as well as on hydrological and geographic considerations and demands for the recognition of their historic national water rights which they feel belongs to the land in which they live, no less than their current urgent human and social needs.
With the deployment of the SONET-dedicated ring technology, a redundant optical fiber network backbone, East West Bank can ensure business continuity and provide the maximum network uptime for its users and customers to access financial information.
West Bank (WB): the level of food insecurity and vulnerability in the WB (specifically in Area C) are of concern, with an
He was commenting to reporters on the conclusions of a report prepared on the West Bank Wall and construction in the West Bank.
Abbas also reiterated that a halt to Jewish settlement activity in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem is a "sine qua non condition" for holding such a meeting, the source said.
Dameri's comments came following reports by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and other Israeli media that the Shabak handles the protection of Abbas and Fayyad in certain areas of the West Bank.
It thrusts out from the 35-year-old long eastward expansion of Jerusalem city itself, across the West Bank towards the Jordan river, thereby threatening to cut the West Bank in half.
MAIN IDEA: Why do Palestinians protest the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip?
West Bank focuses on lending, deposit services and trust services for consumers and small to medium sized businesses, and is a leader in Small Business Administration (SBA) lending.
The core issues of the current struggle: Palestinians insist that Israel must turn over sufficient land in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to allow the creation of a Palestinian state.
DIFFERENCES persist over carrying out the Oslo Accords in a period of relative calm and economic growth in the West Bank and Gaza.
Israelis credit this to the security barrier Israel is building to divide itself from the Palestinian territory of the West Bank.
The Israeli prime minister proposes to evacuate settlements in the Gaza Strip at the same time he reinforces other settlements on the West Bank.
It is a kind of checkerboard leaving the Palestinians 45 percent of the West Bank.
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