Weser River

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a river in northwestern Germany that flows northward to the North Sea near Bremerhaven

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Why the dredging and realignment of the Weser River under the direction of Ludwig Franzius, one of the largest and most significant water projects of the nineteenth century, is not considered remains an untouched question.
Standing in the cobblestoned square of his birthplace, my father gestured down towards the Weser River and then straight up again to the Rathaus (or Town Hall).
Bremerhaven, along with her sister facilities in the City of Nordenham, located on the other side of the Weser River, continue to be the primary ports in Northern Europe supporting the movement of ammunition, Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs) and select units in the region.
Historic towns along the Weser river and the picturesque Harz mountains are on the doorstep.
The complicating factor of fake runes is discussed in several essays, and there is a fascinating piece by Pieper on the latest scientific analysis of the Weser River inscriptions.
KALA operates one of the largest coffee warehouses in the traditional Hansecity on the Weser river, Weser International Commodities and the Berthold Vollers company being its two competitors.
To date, DVB-T is operating very successfully in Berlin, Potsdam, Cologne, Bonn, Hanover, Braunschweig, Bremen and the lower reaches of the Weser river.
Some varieties of the Toms Anthon Berg assortment are also produced in Bremen, a historic Hanseatic city on the Weser river in Northwest Germany.