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According to the nerucognitive approach, Wernicke's area needs enough nections to represent all phoneme features, phonemes, syllables, phonological words etc.
In language production, damage to Wernicke's area makes a persons speech full of function words but devoid of content words to result in speech that is meaningless.
Another region in the left brain called Wernicke's area helps you understand spoken or written words.
Unique to the human brain is a region within the planum temporale (itself situated in Wernicke's area, which is a larger locus associated with language comprehension).
Aphasia can affect a section of the brain known as Broca's area, which controls language production, or Wernicke's area, which controls the interpretation of language.
The Wernicke's area is that part of the brain that controls speech comprehension.
Isolated translocation of Wernicke's area to the right hemisphere in a 62-year-man with a temporo-parietal glioma.
Neurologists explain that speech is controlled by distinct parts of the human brain, specifically Broca's area and Wernicke's area, discovered in 1861 and 1876 respectively.
In one patient suffering from damage to Wernicke's area (the region in the left cortex that controls the understanding of language), functional MRI showed that the brain initially recouped by allocating speech comprehension to an area on the opposite side of the brain.
In the left hemisphere, Broca's area is found anterior to (in front of) the precentral sulcus and Wernicke's area is found posterior to (behind) the postcentral sulcus (see Figure 4).
Wernicke's area is located adjacent to the cortical representation of hearing, and it is assumed that this area is involved in the recognition of the patterns of spoken language (Geschwind, 1970).
That's because only the human brain has two specialized zones, Broca's Area and Wernicke's Area, both on the left side, in which the neurons are so connected as to form a mechanism that recognizes the relationships among the words in sentences.