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sadness on thinking about the evils of the world

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Culture-wise, shall I spend much of your time pointing out the degree to which televisual values influence the contemporary mood of jaded weltschmerz, self-mocking materialism, blank indifference, and the delusion that cynicism and naivete are mutually exclusive?
Despite entrenched opposition, in order not to despair and to avoid weltschmerz I regularly reflect on Dr.
When the undergraduate hidalgo had overimbibed, and (upon returning to his rooms) could articulate his Weltschmerz only by profuse emissions of projectile vomit, there the bedder would be, cleaning up the consequent mess without a syllable of reproach.
34) There he witnessed the physical devastation caused by the war and experienced the sense of Weltschmerz pervading the continent at that time.
However, Fitzcarraldo's grief is romantic Weltschmerz.
In order to substantiate this kind of insight, he discusses the example of philosophical melancholy as something distinct from 'any psychiatric disorder' (8) and as constituted by a) the belief that 'life is not worth living', b) specific emotional states such as Weltschmerz or a feeling of uncanniness, and c) the tendency to commit suicide.
Suffering Weltschmerz, jitters, heebie-jeebies, or mid-life crisis?
The narrator's only access to the "truth" of such an event is to recast it as a fiction, in which Zidane becomes a kind of alter ego whose spasmodic gesture reflects both resistance and resignation to an undertow of the artist's Weltschmerz.
The text for Liszt's Der traurige Monch (The Sad Monk) was written by Nicolaus Lenau, the well-known Austrian poet of Weltschmerz.
What objections did come were infused with sarcastic Weltschmerz rather than outrage.
But it was his self-consciousness as an orphaned young man--motherless, estranged from his father, bereft of his childhood faith, stranded in a Hebraic no-man's land--that added an underlying Weltschmerz to the intergenerational role he played.
Perhaps when Weltschmerz reaches a certain level, the only way to soothe it is to imagine the Welt without us--to remind ourselves that someday, nature itself will soften the contours of our failures and mistakes and finally efface them.
The anime Kambei projects a far more limited emotional range, mainly a weltschmerz that at times verges on neurasthenia.
it's difficult to root for either the author's weltschmerz or his father's moxie.
Like others of his generation, who despair of getting on in the world and of entering into society, Lowenberg is suffering from ennui, mal du siecle, Weltschmerz.