poverty trap

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a situation in which an increase in income results in a loss of benefits so that you are no better off

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According to mainstream economic theory, a welfare trap is an example of the perverse incentive: the welfare recipient has an incentive to avoid raising his own productivity because the resulting income gain is not enough to compensate for the (increased) work effort.
It should be noted that a declining hazard rate, even with unobserved heterogeneity controlled, does not conclusively prove the existence of a welfare trap.
Under this current welfare trap system we are killing our kids and I believe our women," he said.
The devastating implications of colonialism are outlined in the four chapters of part 3, namely the social impact of the welfare trap and external expressions of internalized dependency.
They hide their cynicism behind a meaningless expression--"the welfare trap.
In one site, I found an organization that was addressing several components of the welfare trap - homelessness, high housing costs, employment, health insurance, job training, and child and health care.