Wayland the Smith

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(European mythology) a supernatural smith and king of the elves

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On the contrary, argues CEO and co-founder Kent Weland, it's the northeast Arkansas town that gives the company its uniqueness and its edge in the industry.
2) Weland may have been close to We(o)ndune, which Simeon gives as an alternative for the fortified-site names Etbrunnanwerc and Brunnanbyrig.
Unfortunately, what Weland wrote is badly researched and does nothing to further the life and times of Howard and his position in American history.
He now meets Dundee's James Pollock who beat Weland Holroyd of Montrose by the same score.
NPCA President Paul Pritchard, Southeast Regional Director Don Barger, and Michael Weland, former NPCA Washington representative, were recognized along with members of Congress, state and city officials, and local citizens in a ceremony held at the site.
Impact of Protective and Contacting Layers on the Long-Term SOFC Operation - Mihalis Kusnezoff, Stefan Megel, Viktar Sauchjuk, Egle Girdauskaite, Weland Beckert, and Andreas Reiner
The company, which was recently acquired by the manufacturer Weland AB and de-listed from the stock exchange, is unable to finance its continued operation as both volumes and prices continue to fall, according to the online business news provider n24.
Swedish manufacturers Weland have recently extended their range of CLIP-it and WeLoc, the re-usable bag and carton clips.
Just as the Beowulf-poet suppresses all positive, named reference to the pagan Germanic gods (except for Weland as the euhemerized maker of the hero's mailshirt [455]),(12) so the Maldon-poet scrupulously avoids mention of the traditional heroes.
Many threats to parks come from the declining health of the larger ecosystems of which parks are a part," said Michael Weland, NPCA Washington representative.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Mitgation Credits to Offset Federal and State Weland Impacts
Side two-storey extension and rear conservatory, 11 Weland Close, Water Orton.
In Iowa, 17 member hospitals of Health Enterprises Cooperative (HEc), the group purchasing organization of Health Enterprises in Cedar Rapids, are sharing $500,000 in savings because of the addition of Weland Clinical Laboratories, P.
Health Enterprises Cooperative (HEc), a shareholder in the Premier healthcare alliance, recently recruited Weland Clinical Laboratories, P.