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Israeli statesman who persuaded the United States to recognize the new state of Israel and became its first president (1874-1952)

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 21 ( ANI ): Board of Directors of Weizmann Forex Limited (WFL), a leading player in the foreign exchange and inward remittances space, on Wednesday approved the acquisition of Weizmann Impex Enterprises Ltd (WISE).
In another report we get the following update: "Keeping his word, Truman invited Weizmann to the White House on March 18, 1948.
The Weizmann Institute is a world-class institution in MRI research, with specialized capabilities in the Bar-Shir Laboratory and the Neeman Laboratory.
il/earth-sciences/first-oceans-may-have-been-acidic) the Weizmann Institute .
Weizmann shares our vision and we are proud to announce our affiliation with Weizmann.
Scherz took a naturally occurring form of chlorophyll from aquatic bacteria chemically modified by his lab at Weizmann to fit the team's pharmaceutical needs.
Currentlt, she is a postdoctoral fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Given our inadequate wood supply, the UK Government was keen to establish a close relationship with Weizmann, encouraging him to develop the process at Manchester University.
RiT Technologies (NASDAQ: RITT) said that The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel has deployed RiT's PatchView+ IIM (intelligent infrastructure management) solution as part of its network upgrade program to manage its physical infrastructure, enhance network security, streamline maintenance and improve network utilization.
In that instance, a trained representative of Paul Merchants or Weizmann Forex will come to the student to collect the relevant documentation and arrange the rupee settlement on behalf of the university.
Yeda alleges that iCAD--which makes cancer-detection systems--infringed on seven patents filed by a Weizmann professor that were originally licensed through 3TP LLC, a company that later changed its name to CAD Sciences, based in White Plains, N.
GeneCards and PanDaTox are marketed by XenneX under a license from Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd, the Technology Transfer Company of the Weizmann Institute.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-April 1, 2011--CARE maintains rating on Weizmann Forex's bank facilities at BBB+/PR3+(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
At one point Weizmann did call Aaronsohn 'loyal, friendly and efficient' (this was to Judge Brandeis), but later he said that Aaronsohn was a man who could not abide anyone and no-one could stand him.
If it weren't for those nutrients, the Amazon would be a wet desert," says Ilan Koren, an atmospheric scientist at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel.