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Israeli statesman who persuaded the United States to recognize the new state of Israel and became its first president (1874-1952)

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In 1929, Haichim Weizman created the Jewish Agency, which was able to make diplomatic and financial inroads around the world (even in Arab countries), serving the ultimate objective of establishing a Jewish state.
As Eyal Weizman and others point out, it is at the fringes and in 'an endless series of diffused border conflicts' that the body of international law is constantly reshaped and tested (2011, p.
Weizman and his colleagues, in contrast, propose to reverse the forensic gaze and turn it into "a counter-hegemonic practice able to invert the relation between individuals and states, to challenge and resist state and corporate violence and the tyranny of their truth" (page 11).
Weizman has framed prosopopoeia as a critique of Bruno Latour's "parliament of things," a touchstone for new-materialist and posthumanist thought.
Israeli Prison Spokeswoman Sivan Weizman had earlier said that he had hanged himself in a bathroom at Eshel prison.
It also features Pakistani architect Yasmeen Lari who designs disaster relief shelters and Eyal Weizman, professor of spatial and visual cultures at Goldsmiths University, who explores the way the built environment is used as an instrument of occupation.
The hunger strike was suspended overnight," Israel Prisons Service (IPS) spokeswoman Sivan Weizman said, saying the sides had reached a "short-term agreement".
Sivan Weizman, a spokeswoman for the Israeli prison service, told Ma'an that the hunger strikers had been separated from the other prisoners, but that they were not being held in solitary confinement.
Rosenbaum practiced neuropsychology and psychotherapy for thirty years, has studied Zen under Sojun Mel Weizman, is a qigong teacher, and is the author of Zen and the Heart of Psychotherapy.
One day, Israeli president Ezer Weizman, the commander of the air force and a combat pilot himself, finally came on the phone, calling Miller a "cutie pie" - a "meidaleh", literally "young woman" in Yiddish, but in a patronizing way.
They're only refusing their breakfast, they're taking all the other meals", Sivan Weizman said.
Jfar Ezzeddine and Tariq Qdan had "started eating yesterday," Israel Prisons Service spokeswoman Sivan Weizman said.
About 3,000 prisoners announced that they would refuse meals," Israel Prisons Service spokeswoman Sivan Weizman told AFP.
Israeli Prisons Service Spokeswoman Sivan Weizman said Arafat Jaradat, a 30-year-old from the West Bank city of Al-Khalil died suddenly at the Meggido detention centre in northern Israel.
2 In the context of this issue, Weizman discusses with Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, architect and Master in Design Studies candidate at Harvard University, how architecture can perform as an able narrator in interpreting and unveiling the way crime embeds itself within the built environment of our cities and thus becomes an active participant in shaping them.