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a German wheat beer of bock strength

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Penn's flagship wheat beer, Penn Weizen, has won three Great American Beer Festival medals and one World Beer Cup medal, and head brewer Andy Rich and his team are building on this success with Penn Weizenbock (PHOTO) and brand-new Dunkelweizen (PHOTO), which will be available with limited distribution in western Pennsylvania from February through spring.
The Beer Camp Weizenbock got mixed reviews from the panel.
Another strong wheat from Weihenstephan, this weizenbock clocks in at 7.
Gold--Plank Heller Weizenbock, Brauerei, Plank Laaber, Germany
Silver--Delusionator Weizenbock, Linden's Brewing Co.
Silver: Glockenspiel Weizenbock, Great Lakes Brewing - Cleveland, OH
Just look at the beer styles Japanese brewers won: herb & spice beers, smoke beers, traditional bock, American lager; Belgian-style strong dark ale, Belgian style white, English mild, robust porter, imperial stout, foreign stout, Dusseldorf-style alt, South German Weizen, and South German Weizenbock.
There are several different substyles of bock beer, brewed for different seasons of the year - regular Bock, Helles Bock, Maibock, Doppelbock, Eisbock and Weizenbock.
A weizenbock is a wheat bock (weizen means wheat in German) usually brewed with 50%-60% wheat malt added to the barley malt.