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a general name for beers made from wheat by top fermentation

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Thomas Hochreiter of Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) said," We are pleased to present out customers with Camelthorn Weizen, as a perfect addition to the NBL stable of quality beer brands.
Czech Weizen or wheat beer matches excellently with sweet and spicy food such as Thai cuisine.
2% ABV Weizen Bock, that was selected for release under the company's Brewer's Share program.
Above: Grolsch Premium Weizen Wheat Beer, pounds 1.
Fill a tumbler with crushed ice and squeeze in the juice of half an orange, add 25ml Passoa and top with Grolsch Weizen.
Grolsch Weizen is a lighter version of the Bavarian brews.
Alabmnas Testergebnisse und die Reaktion von WalMart, kombiniert mit einem noch jungen Skandal wegen Tierfutter, das mit einem kontaminierten chinesischen Weizen venmreinigt ist, waren fur den ehemaligen Associate Commissioner der FDA William Hubbard, der seid 2005 im Ruhestand ist, keine Uberraschung.
Club Chinois at Orchard Parade Hotel has brought foie gras into fine Chinese dining, while Brewerkz at Riverside Point has a restaurant that combines Thai and the local Straits Chinese flavors with Western cuisine, and a micro-brewery that churns out India Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale and Weizen Beer, among others.
The company enjoyed tremendous success on the sales of its two strongest-selling beers, Hefe Weizen and Raspberry Weizen.
Owned and operated by an extended Antelope Valley family, the 2-month-old Antelope Brewing Company offers hometown brews with European tastes and names like Windy Weizen and Devil's Punchbowl Porter.
You can't go wrong with Uinta's Hefe Weizen, a full-bodied, somewhat sweet unfiltered wheat beer that has a rich, amazingly creamy head.
On reflection, that last weizen beer the night before was the wrong call.
Liezl Hoving won second place with her giraffe fillet served with a tomato and weizen beer mayonnaise, while Mirjam Ndjalo took third place with an authentic chicken and cabbaged stuffed ravioli pasta with creamy mushroom sauce.
Amstel Wheat is made with 50% wheat malt, 50% barley malt, Weizen yeast, and Saaz hops.
Originally known as Saint Arnold Kristall Weizen, Saint Arnold Texas Wheat has been part of the brewery's core beer lineup since shortly after opening in 1994.