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German biologist who was one of the founders of modern genetics

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Until he was 80, Joseph Weismann kept his story to himself, giving only the slightest hints of it to his wife and three children.
Yet Weismann said political interference at the agency is unlikely.
Further, Weismann said the three are potentially in violation of 18 U.
Known for formulating the germ plasm theory, which placed heredity in the germ cells--through the nuclei of the egg and sperm cells--the heretofore relatively unknown, August Weismann, is profiled in ChurchillEs intellectual biography for the first time.
Weismann is able to give voice to student perspectives that show the occurrence of marginalization through the labeling of kids as "bad" students, and the use of alternative schools and processes for suspending students, although many students want to meet the expectations of teachers and adults in their lives; they desire encouragement that will be the prelude to excellence in behavior and performance.
The service area includes the stone corridor - upper / lower Weismann village - Rosstal - Buchschwabach - Clarsbach.
The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) was conceived and written as the "heredity debates" between Herbert Spencer and August Weismann raged in the popular press.
8 October 2014 -- Massachusetts US-based Georgetown Bancorp Inc's (NASDAQ: GTWN) Georgetown Bank subsidiary said it has promoted Frederick H Weismann to the position of executive vice president and chief operating officer.
Using Natural Finishes: Lime and Earth Based Plasters, Renders, & Paints by Adam Weismann, Katy Bryce (UIT Cambridge, 2008)
Back in 1995, a little-known American travel research bureau agent, Weismann Tourism Reports, published a list placing Newcastle as the world's eighth party city.
Weismann building-provides "a clash between authenticity and modernity.
After several unsuccessful bids to lobby for a maximum-hours law, the bakers' union boosted its political fortunes under the leadership of Henry Weismann.
Este arduo y dificil trabajo freudiano se evidencia en toda su obra y queda marcado por una historia que atraviesa todo lo que implica lo biologico en relacion con el ser humano hablante; para un ejemplo mas contundente basta con remitirse a una de sus obras postumas, de 1920: "Mas alla del principio del placer", alli en varias ocasiones hace referencia al biologo aleman August Weismann (18341914):
The 37-year-old actress is one of the several stars including Orlando Bloom, Justin Theroux and Usher, who were clicked by the fashion and beauty photographer Jork Weismann for the book, set at Los Angeles's legendary hotel The Chateau Marmont.
German carmakers Weismann - brothers Martin and Friedhelm - started conceptualising their stunning vehicles in 1985 and only saw their first roadster leave the floor in 1993, with the next coming in 2006.