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large breed of hound having a smooth greyish coat

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Deep-chested dogs, such as Weimaraners and Great Danes, are more at risk of the condition.
Weimaraner Jake with PDSA vet nurse Cheryl Nash IAN MCCLELLAND
Bluey, the eight-year-old Weimaraner, gives his special boots a run-out
ON PATROL McMurray walks his giant Weimaraners last week
In Europe the Weimaraner was a versatile hunter, going after everything from upland birds to big game.
Trouble was, when let off the lead, he rarely returned to her calls, so walks were restricted to prolonged periods of Mrs McS being pulled around the town, Weimaraner out in front, neck muscles bulging, legs pumping and the poor lady's arms being slowly dragged out of the sockets.
Is there anyone out there who has experience with the Weimaraner breed who can help us?
Architectural printed wallpaper, mirrored screens and carriage clocks all aid the flamboyant feel of this story, whilst tongue in cheek accessories such as the weimaraner cushion add an element of eccentricity.
From admissions of alcoholism (the former boozer clinging to the wagon for the sake of his pit bull) and imprisonment (the ex-con whose love for a monstrous French mastiff helped him go straight) to tales of homelessness (the socialite Gilly whose Weimaraner Bella had been her only constant since ending up in a hostel) and bereavement (the couple coping with losing their son in a paragliding accident via their new pet), Engle's lightness of touch ensured that every biped featured was there to do more than just hold placcy bags filled with poo and occasionally yell, "Fenton
A suspected pitbull tore into timid 11-yearold rescue dog Bertie, a Weimaraner cross, while on an afternoon walk in Garston.
Anglesey mum Jen Cashmore-Thorley, whose son Ryan needed 70 stitches after he was mauled by a Weimaraner when he was just six years old, has backed Mrs Morgan's call.
These were nice people whom we had met a couple of times before and who had this beautiful blue Weimaraner with piercing, intelligent eyes that seemed to be uninterested in and disdainful of whatever the people present were doing.
56, 47 1/2" x 31 1/2", up to 85 lbs, including Labrador Retriever, Weimaraner, and Doberman).
So Slaney jogs every other day and hikes in the woods with her three Weimaraner dogs on the 55-acre property she and her husband of 24 years, former British discus thrower Richard Slaney, own outside Eugene.
with her husband of 13 years, their two children Cade (age 6) and Sienna (age 1), as well as their "first" child and beloved Weimaraner, Madison.