Weimar Republic

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the German republic founded at Weimar in 1919

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Drawing on a vast body of archival, published, and visual source material, Wallach both supports a convincing argument and offers a treasure trove of information and references for scholars and students interested in German Jews, Jewishness, and/or visual culture in the Weimar Republic.
The Weimar republic lasted 14 years; the post-1971 Pakistan has survived 46 turbulent years.
They were enemies of the Weimar Republic, hostile to the Catholic Center Party, and identified with the volkisch Right.
He does not always praise America's acceptance or implementation of this 'Weimar' influence; he reminds us that the ideal from the Weimar Republic, the idea of forcing a very specific form of democracy and political ideology, had both "liberating and dark manifestations" (p.
Although not so closely connected as the rest of the essays, Snyder's analysis is careful and compelling, and undoubtedly warranted inclusion in a volume on the German right in the Weimar Republic.
Gender and the Uncanny in Films of the Weimar Republic
Prinzler sets his book between the first and second World Wars, when the Weimar Republic in Germany became a melting pot for film makers, actors, modern poets, and novelists such as Thomas Mann and Herman Hesse.
Das Motorrad is divided chronologically, first charting developments during the Kaiserreich and WWI and then turning to the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich and WWII.
15 In modern history, which country's government was known at the Weimar Republic between 1919 and 1933?
Hopefully, they won't have too bad an effect on the latest bunch of participants, who will be answering questions about Lester Piggott, Preston Sturges, the Weimar Republic and Edward Marshall Hall, proving once again that while Mastermind may be difficult, it's also very eclectic.
The Weimar Republic has abolished all censorship so there's no closing hours, and you can say and print what you like.
Located in the heart of the Mitte district, the venue was established in the 1920s, and its near-naked chorus girls (among them a young Marlene Dietrich) quickly gave the theater a reputation for staging some of the raciest shows in the Weimar Republic.
Twentieth-century Germany proves an interesting testing ground with its rapidly changing political history, and Law defines four periods significant to her study: the Weimar Republic (1919-33), the Third Reich (1933-45), the early Federal Republic (FRG: 1949-67) and the young GDR (1949-1965).
08) could well be the only hope for folks pushed to the edge with massively overpriced brick houses, plus utility bills, petrol and fuel having reached Weimar Republic increase levels, and no intention by the Government to exercise any form of control.
It vividly captures the edgy atmosphere of the Weimar Republic.