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French philosopher (1909-1943)


United States mathematician (born in France) (1906-1998)


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It took 18 months for the R&D team at Raymond Weil to develop the movement and design the dial revealing the regulating organ at 6 o'clock.
Weil clearly says it for us in this book and does it so brilliantly and sensitively while maintaining hope in our often seemingly hopeless world.
differently, attention to music is for Weil a form of prayer by those
In a manner akin to Rousseau, Weil argues that what prevents most individuals from harming others is a basic aversion to hearing a scream or witnessing a surprised gaze of protest in a victim.
States have made good use of home-based and community-based health care programs to keep people in their homes, Weil said.
In 1992, he publicly renounced his photography practice, putting his energy into advocacy instead (though, on the side, Weil would continue to make work, particularly video).
Weil as its next chief operating officer (COO), the US savings and mortgage product provider said on Tuesday.
Don't be fooled by appearances,RAYMOND WEIL , which has experienced an exceptional and constant expansion for more than 35 years on the international markets with its undeniable Swiss Made quality, is a family affair.
One of the 20th century's most original and unsettling thinkers, Weil was born into a Gallic version of J.
After all, Weil published relatively little during her short life.
The facts are that prior to this Weil tried to fight for Republican Spain but urged French neutrality on pain of aggravating Hitler, and in the Munich crisis agitated for France to break its defense treaty with Czechoslovakia.
French Christian philosopher and social activist Simone Weil (1909-1943) spent a large portion of her life meditating on the problems of force and violence, initially embracing pacifism but, upon the invasion of France by the Nazis, coming to the conclusion that force was necessary, even if inevitably debasing.
Philosopher, mystic, activist--all terms discussing one Simone Weil.
Global law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP announced that it will expand from its New York City headquarters by opening a new office in Downtown Brooklyn's MetroTech Center.
Weil states that "fish oils are distilled, so they are free of toxic contaminants.