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(chemistry) the sum of the relative atomic masses of the constituent atoms of a molecule

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Both number- and weight-average molecular weights increase linearly at [TEMPO]/[BPO] = 0.
The low molecular weight polymers, usually below about 800 weight-average molecular weight, do not have enough length to intertwine with the other chains.
Elongation at break is finally plotted against weight-average molecular weight Mw in Fig.
Two narrow polystyrene standards (obtained from Pressure Chemicals) with weight-average molecular weight ([M.
In general, this trend is consistent with the variation of weight-average molecular weight of these copolymers but against the variation trend of short-branch concentration for the C8 group.
Figures 5 and 6 show the effect of peroxide type on the weight-average molecular weight at both reaction temperatures.
In accordance to the viscosity number [[eta]]--molecular weight M relationship, the weight-average molecular weight [M.
The weight-average molecular weight of the plant and simulation in the start-up process of T30S is given in Fig.
Similar to the above-mentioned calculation, the numerical computation expression of weight-average molecular weight, [bar.
Finally, the transfer to polymer empirical correlation was adjusted to improve the agreement between experimental and calculated weight-average molecular weight at the reactor exit for both polyethylene and copolymer.
Once the moment equations are solved, the weight-average molecular weight of the polymer is calculated by: