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a link from a hypertext file to another location or file

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The first iteration of what is being branded as NextRadio for WebLink will be available in select aftermarket head units from JVCKENWOOD and will begin shipping in early 2018.
7 November 2017 - US-based association membership management software firm MemberClicks has acquired association management software provider WebLink, the firm said.
Clare man Alan Foudy, who set up the company, said: "The weblink is password protected so as to ensure only people who you want to see it will see it.
In addition, Weblink offers simple, fast and expanded search capabilities using Kinray's item number, the UPC/NDC [Universal Product Code/National Drug Code] number and the product name/synonym by category or manufacturer.
ID Card Maker Weblink offers options to customers with multiple locations or the need to implement a secure Photo ID program via the Internet.
Weblink supporters' branches in Northern Ireland, Brisbane and New York are among those which are flourishing, while plans are in hand to get a New Zealand branch under way.
us/weblink) was one of the first cities to go live with WebLink.
An agreement between WebLink Wireless (Nasdaq: WLNK) and JP Systems, Inc.
Weblink International Inc, a subsidiary of the Acer Group, has picked up the contract on the condition that it takes action to stamp out unauthorized imports of the PDAs into the country.
In other news from Nichols, its latest version of Athena WebLink includes a powerful new searching feature called Reference Search, which links a search of the library's catalog to a search of specific Web-based resources.
1, a library automation system; Athena WebLink, an add-on to the Athena system; and Athena Webserver 2.
All content of the Web directory created by WebLink Express Corp.
Nasdaq: CTCT) today announced that it is proud to welcome WebLink International to the Constant Contact Partner Program.
today announced its newest addition to the FlashLogic program, the FlashLogic Weblink Mobile programmer (FLWLMAN1) for Android programming.
The Defense Logistic Agency's (more formally DLIS') fielding of WebLINK international also puts rubber on the road.