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having open interstices or resembling a web

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Will it be just like a webified version of current desktop GIS products or will it be more like a super-charged consumer mapping solution?
With the rise of remote workers and after-hours employees, enterprises need to provide remote users more than just basic VPN access to webified applications," said Sunil Cherian, VP of Product Marketing for Array Networks.
Of the few SSL VPNs that can do limited checks as part of the product, the check still only occurs once and only when accessing their portal of webified applications.
One reason we attracted so many participants is that we created a new methodology, one that includes what is arguably the killer app for remote access: OWA, the Webified version of Microsoft Outlook.
The intelligent compression, which enhances Whale's advanced acceleration capabilities, is in direct response to enterprise demands as applications increasingly become webified and widely-used applications, like VoIP, expend growing bandwidth.