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a technician who designs or maintains a website

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It took a few hours of work between the DISAM LAN manager and the DLSAM web master to set the required accesses so that the DISAM training functional web master could author and then publish the ITM web page on the internet.
His appointment to the senior staff as associate editor and Web master was the natural choice, and we are pleased to have him on board.
I love sports,'' says the Web master who can be e-mailed at OKolzig37aol.
The product is part IT manager, part executive assistant, part marketing director and part web master, and includes a complete set of web-based business tools to keep entrepreneurs up to date with prospects and clients any time, anywhere.
Bob Aldrich of the Energy Commission will continue as SiOC's Web Master.
The web site redesign was developed and executed by DigitalGear, a Sacramento-based web design and hosting company that has served as FWC's web master since its first web posting.
If you've got $30 a month for Web-server space and a canny 15-year-old for a Web master, the electronic soapbox allows you to stand toe-to-wingtipped-toe with the big boys, more or less.
The choice of getting paid on the basis of CPM, CPC or CPA lies with the web master.
Somewhere between a switchboard operator and a scribe, with a job title more appropriate for a space ship than an air-conditioned office building, is the Web master.
org), but eventually a full-time Web master will be hired, said Gary Thomas, president of the United Chambers of Commerce.
The first was to hire a good Web master, and the second was not to fear technology.