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United States film actor who played tough heroes (1907-1979)

American general during the American Revolution (1745-1796)

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15, fake death reports of Wayne circulated after a 'R.
Wayne Shaun Henderson, was born weighing 7lb 6oz, at 12.
Wayne had always wanted to join some branch of our military, even though his producers and agents did not want him to.
Often referred to as "the best film cowboy in the world," John Wayne is credited for starring in 172 films and holds the record for most leading roles.
Other games have you climb into things on wheels -- Wayne gets to use a variety of ``vital suits,'' which are mobilized battle armor units that can fly, transform and lay waste to anything that stands in their way.
Fort Wayne Mold and Engineering Hunt Machine & Manufacturing Co.
Futterman & Associates, LLC has been tapped by ownership Wayne Towne Center Associates to lease its newly purchased Wayne Towne Center in Wayne, N.
Witness the frenzy and the attacks on MP Elsie Wayne for speaking the truth on the homosexual lifestyle.
Speaker, I am referring to the late-Congressman Wayne N.
Wayne begins, usefully, by mapping out the political agenda of her project in relation to that which it repudiatesq feminist essentialism, especially as expressed in purely psychoanalytical criticism; and the concentration on elite male subjects in some new historicist and cultural materialist criticism.
What Wayne wants, Wayne gets, believes the talk-radio crowd in southern Florida.
Wayne of the University of California, Los Angeles, and Susan M.
Wayne recently set up in its Totowa plant a demonstration line based on a 70-mm, 32:1 low-speed extruder with a Barber-Colman MACO 8000 controller.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Wayne, A GE Energy Business (NYSE: GE) and a global innovator of fuel dispensers and forecourt technologies, is presenting the new global Wayne Helix[TM] fuel dispenser line at the Automechanikatrade show in Frankfurt, Germany.