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the quality of being made of wax or covered with wax

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And while the wood can have a waxiness to it, "It isn't as oily or waxy as a wood like teak," he said.
A pound of the low-micronaire cotton can pick up more than 30 pounds of crude oil and its natural waxiness helps to repel water.
The porcelain is mid-range-fired cone 6; the glassy waxiness of the mature porcelain is painted with low-fired underglaze finished with a matte glaze.
It means the input of waxiness from higher plants and the low organic matter maturity of source rocks [13].
The colours are backed up with just the right amount of waxiness - it's there but understated.
A lot of Sirte's pumps are well past their prime and, partly due to the waxiness of the crude oil, need to be cleaned regularly.