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the southern part of France

a standard protocol for communication between electronic musical instruments and computers

used of women's clothing having a hemline at mid-calf

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Several models of Compaq's multimedia home PCs now come equipped with exclusive TrueQ Audio & Motion, a powerful collection of sound and video technology that is based on MPEG (Motion Picture Expert's Group) video, 3-D Spatialized sorround sound, high-fidelity speakers, and wavetable synthesis audio technology.
Its core components include a digital audio playback engine, a wavetable synthesis engine with a scalable sample set, and a multi-channel stereo mixer.
The signature technology of the new offerings is called TrueQ Sound & Motion, which combines hardware-based MPEG video support, 3-D Spatialized surround sound, high-fidelity speakers and wavetable synthesis audio technology.
We're moving across the board from FM synthesis to wavetable synthesis, and looking to propel audio technology as far as it can go.
QSound microQ components: implements QSound's microQ audio components - a MIDI wavetable synthesis engine with a scalable sample set, a multi-channel stereo mixer, a wide range of processes to control frequency response, dynamics and spatial enhancements, as well as full 3D positional audio for games.
With its high performance audio processing, the CS4630 delivers premium audio features such as Sensuara 3D and multi-channel audio, EAX environmental audio, unlimited-voice wavetable synthesis, and a built-in sample rate converter, digital mixer and 10-band graphic equalizer.