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the southern part of France

a standard protocol for communication between electronic musical instruments and computers

used of women's clothing having a hemline at mid-calf

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Wavetable synthesis is a popular and widely-used method for creating music in multimedia presentations, video games, and on the Internet.
In April, the company introduced its Pro Audio Wavetable 32 series of sound cards that feature wavetable synthesis, 16-bit stereo sound, 3-D effects, and plug-and-play capability.
The S90 represents a new price-performance breakthrough for gamers seeking the realism and true 3D audio of A3D along with legacy compatibility and high quality wavetable synthesis.
Vortex is a high-performance PCI audio chip designed to dramatically raise the quality level of PC audio by delivering a new wave of advanced features including positional 3D audio (A3D), pro-quality wavetable synthesis, DirectSound(TM) acceleration, and telephony support.
1, with new features including support for 64-voice wavetable synthesis.
EuSynth/Wave for wavetable synthesis with companion General MIDI
Malibu also includes Voyetra's groundbreaking VSL(TM) (Voyetra Synth Layering) technology, incorporating 32 voices of professional-quality Kurzweil(R) hardware wavetable synthesis enhanced with 32 wavetable voices generated by Rockwell's Wavestream(R) software synthesizer.
Wavetable Synthesis -- SonicVibes leads the industry with a fully-integrated audio processor enabling low cost Wavetable music synthesis on the PC motherboard.
In addition to supporting Microsoft's DirectSound, a standard being quickly embraced by PC games developers, Daytona PCI features high-quality wavetable synthesis with Downloadable Sounds (DLS) for providing unlimited MIDI instrument sounds.
The Maestro-2 integrates vanguard features for PCI Audio, including 64-voice wavetable synthesis and high-quality real-time 3D-positioning under DirectX 5.
provides wavetable synthesis, companion sample sets, Sound Blaster
The Aztech PCI-128 WAVE is a top-of-the-line sound card with multimedia functionality such as 3D sound effects, 128-voice Wavetable Synthesis and designed to support I2S input for DVD audio.
It also offers Yamaha XG wavetable synthesis with expanded sound effects processing, including Yamaha's proprietary 3D YMersion sound.
In the past, the audio subsystem's reliance on the ISA bus prevented Wavetable synthesis on the motherboard.