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the reciprocal of the wavelength of a wave

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Since the microwave field in such cavities is axially localized, this field may also be represented as a superposition of electromagnetic waves propagating with different axial wavenumbers.
Full width at half height was determined by positioning the cursor on either side of the peak at half the maximum absorption and taking the difference of the two wavenumbers.
Figure 1 shows that for the two kerogen samples in the wavenumber region of 3000-2800 [cm.
0] is the distance from the observation point (monostatic radar) to the origin, coinciding with the 'source surface point', k is the wavenumber of the incident EM wave (k = 2[pi]f/c, where f is the frequency of the incident EM wave), R is the Fresnel reflection coefficient of the tangential plane at the point of interest, [[theta].
Table 1 lists the numerical results of the SBM and the BEM with different wavenumbers (k = 1, k = 10, and k = 20).
The changes of peak intensity and the shifting of band wavenumber are expected to occur in the present work because of the interaction between C=O of carbonyl group in CMC and [H.
1] for the untreated MMT is shifted toward higher wavenumbers for the organomodified clays: 1036 [cm.
A revolutionary acoustic wavenumber spectrometer from Los Alamos generates high rates of high-resolution, ultrasonic images of hidden structural properties or defects in materials.
is the cutoff wavenumber (due to the fine granular nature of the PV [7]), [[?
The absence of imaginary wavenumber values confirms that all the structures correspond to equilibrium minima on the potential energy surfaces.
Both epidermis and dermis of the same skin were characterized by mounting the probe at the respective focal spots of skin and laser scanned over a wavenumber of 400 to 3500 [cm.
Consider a three dimensional vector wave equation, in cartesian coordinates r = (x, y, z), describing the field in medium having wavenumber [k.