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a small wave on the surface of a liquid

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Finally, the wavelets will be transformed back to the spatial domain, which results in the estimated denoised image "x.
Time-dependent spectral analysis of epidemiological time series with wavelets.
By using dilation or compression of a mother wavelet y (t), different window functions [psi](s ,b ,t); which are also called son wavelets, can be generated at different time frame.
He chose wavelets because they can pick out the subtle distinctions between different calls (Fischer calls them "dialects") by the same species that may be inaudible to the untrained human ear.
Kingsbury applied the DWT in separate parallel trees; he used two wavelets that were approximately Hilbert transform pairs (a dual tree CWT uses two real DWTs: the first DWT gives the real part of the transform while the second DWT gives the imaginary part (Selesnick et al.
of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing, 2(1), 43-57, 2004.
Window functions are obtained as a result of extension compression and shift in time of basic functions, called wavelets [12].
Wavelets as alternative to short-time Fourier transform in signal-averaged electrocardiology.
In addition to the conventional Daubechies wavelets [5], the Hermite-type trigonometric wavelets [6], linear B-splines [7], Walsh functions [8], Cohen [9] and Albert [10] wavelets have been used.
A wavelet analysis was done for each variable (T, S, PI, II, EN, CHL, PIM) using two different mother wavelets (Paul & Morlet wavelets), which provide an approach for filtering the original time series.
In this paper we define two wavelets bases over tetrahedra which are generated by a regular subdivision method.
Wavelets have contributed to this already intensely developed and rapidly advancing field.
Wavelets are mathematical functions that cut up data into different frequency components, and then study each component with a resolution matched to its scale.
Multiwavelets differ from scalar wavelets, in that two or more scaling functions and mother wavelets are used for signal representation.
The wavelets are obtained from the basic prototype y(t), called mother wavelet, according to dilation and arrangement.