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a small wave on the surface of a liquid

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They focus on a special class of wavelets and their applications, and develop special wavelet bases that are related to special functions in one part and adapted to spherical geometry in another.
Wavelets can pick up discontinuities of one dimensional piecewise smooth functions very efficiently and represent them as point discontinuities.
In this regard, wavelets are powerful mathematical functions that are applied in time series analysis as well.
The DB wavelets scaling functions are good basis functions for approximation.
Sparse image and signal processing: wavelets, curvelets, morphological diversity.
Oonincx, Second generation wavelets and applications.
Wavelets are defined by the Wavelet function [psi](t) (i.
The present study is one of the first attempts to explore malaria-dengue-ENSO statistical association in the SEA region using the wavelets.
Digitized ECG sample file was converted into compatible format (a text file) to be imported for Matlab which was used for signal processing and wavelets processing [3].
Contributors in various Earth sciences, but also in electronic engineering explore the application of data processing techniques using wavelets and fractals in research in Earth system sciences.
Multiresolution signal decomposition: transforms, subbands, and wavelets.
Wavelets decompose data to different scales which allows analyzing economic relationships at different time horizons (resolutions).
The objective is to decompose a signal into different frequency components, so that the decomposition stems from a family of functions that are translations and dilations of a [psi](t) function, called wavelets or mother wavelets.
The wavelets give a better signal representation using multiresolution analysis, with balanced resolution at any time and frequency.