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Chinese sedge yielding edible bulb-shaped tubers

edible bulbous tuber of a Chinese marsh plant

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drained water chestnuts 1 cup lightly packed fresh cilantro (coriander) 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1/4 to 1/3 cup sugar
Used raw or cooked, fresh water chestnuts add a sweet crispness to any dish.
Return the Quorn pieces to the pan, with the water chestnuts.
95), with the crunchy refreshing lettuce leaves heaped with a joining of chopped chicken breast, mushrooms and water chestnuts.
225g/8oz can whole, peeled water chestnuts, drained and sliced
sliced bamboo shoots, drained 1 cup sliced peeled fresh water chestnuts or 1 can 8 oz.
225g/8oz can Safeway Whole Peeled Water Chestnuts, drained and sliced
FOR the rice, drain the water chestnuts, and then chop them up roughly.
Hoisin sauce, chopped green onions and water chestnuts, diced cooked chicken breast and garlic pepper.
A pasty saucing, maybe thickened from cornstarch, plus straw mushrooms, water chestnuts and snow peas as well as the other main ingredients, aid in the lobster losing its usual strong identity.
A good- looking wrap platter sports a terrific chicken filling made with cut-up (not finely minced) chicken, sliced almonds, green onions, water chestnuts, fried rice sticks and various Asian seasonings.
Add red and green peppers, green onions and water chestnuts.
Two vegetarian items tried from the entree list on different occasions - one with cubed sweet potatoes mixed with water chestnuts and snow peas ($7.
But the most memorable beginning dish is an Asian-inspired recipe of stir-fried diced chicken with celery and water chestnuts bound with a thick red chile sauce, served with separated, fresh lettuce leaves and a cool cucumber relish, allowing the diner to make his or her own, individual lettuce wraps ($6.
Bitan Police Department Deputy Director Chao Ho-hsiang told CNA that Shen and his wife quickly apologized to the owner and said he was confident in his abilities to pilot the kayak because he frequently rowed a flatboat in his native Zhejiang Province in China to harvest water chestnuts.