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a butt set on end to contain water especially to store rainwater

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Most water butts have a compatible stand or staging that they come with, otherwise you can easily pick one up.
Information on water efficiency - and Welsh Water's buy-one-get-one half price offer for those purchasing water butts - can be found at www.
INSTALL A WATER BUTT Each household has half a tonne of treated water pumped through their taps door every day, according to UK charity Waterwise [www.
Julie Barratt, director of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in Wales, said: "We have been encouraging people to use water butts to collect rainwater to use on their gardens instead of tap water.
Get the largest water butt that will fit the space you have, sit it on a stand so you can access the tap, and attach it to the down-pipe from your house guttering, your shed or your greenhouse.
Your plants, flowers, trees and vegetables all prefer good healthy natural rain water to common chemically treated household tap water and this 100 litre space-saving water butt is just the thing for catching rainwater without losing too much garden/ patio space.
In the last decade, more products which help retain water have become available, such as new and improved water butts (check out decorative water butts at www.
Sales of water butts are booming as consumers take advantage of heavy winter rainfall to save supplies.
1 We have two huge water butts, one a rescued relic from the old Bull Ring.
OLD wheelie bins could be converted into water butts or compost bins under plans being considered by city councillors.
Sean Laverick of the Homebase Garden Academy advises waterwise gardeners to store their water in water butts and invest in a water butt pump which enables you to use your hose with a water butt.