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right of access to water

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The city's water right to draw from a fork of the Willamette River is junior to the right that preserves the river's in-stream flow that primarily benefits fish.
Upholding a lower court's ruling, the 13th Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi on Thursday ruled that Texas cannot give special treatment to cities or power generators over more "senior" water rights holders on parched rivers - even if the state declares it necessary to protect the "public health, safety and welfare.
Description: The water rights acquisition program is an ongoing program to purchase and transfer senior-priority water rights into
Ranchos Vice President and General Manager, Scott Weldy, indicates investing in water rights means less dependence on the leased water market and less exposure to likely future increases in the cost of leased water rights.
For instance, in the Reno/Truckee Basin of Nevada the median price for 1,025 agriculture-to-urban water rights sales between 2002 and 2009 (2008 prices) was $17,685/ AF as compared to $1,500/AF for 13 agriculture-to-agriculture sales.
One reason for this lack of attention is Alberta's long-standing position that Aboriginal water rights have been extinguished and the province has exclusive jurisdiction over water in the province.
With growing water scarcity and conflicts in many regions of the world, water rights and property relations have become a pivotal issue in water legislation efforts, policy debates and rural development programs.
This article is part two of a two-part article on the appraisal of water rights.
a Texas company, acquired very valuable water rights in 1900.
in water rights applications, resubmitted to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) last week, are "unreliable and based on incomplete data and potentially faulty assumptions.
Northern Pacific Railway Company that "lands to which rights and claims of another attach do not fall within the classification of public lands" Rights and claims of ranchers to water rights and grazing easements (range rights) cover virtually all these lands.
In Gladden, 8/20/01, rev'g 112 TC 209 (1999), the Ninth Circuit ruled that a taxpayer who paid a premium for land based on a "realistic expectation" that it would have future water rights could, on selling the rights, use a basis for them equal to the premium paid when he purchased the land.
Called water rights, these formal entitlements now pass down, with the land, from owner to owner as a form of property.
Though the distinction between these institutions is not precise, markets generally facilitate the permanent transfer of water rights and banks facilitate the temporary transfer of the right to use storage water.