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right of access to water

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Focusing on modern legal developments, this study explains how AustraliaAEs marginalization of Aboriginal water rights negatively affects the living standards of Aboriginal communities and proves that Aboriginal water rights should be recognized as property rights.
Currently, water rights are illiquid assets, which create unnecessary risk by requiring the asset to be held for an unspecified amount of time.
Overturning aqua nullius aims to cultivate a new understanding of Aboriginal water rights and interests in the context of Aboriginal water concepts and water policy development in Australia.
Task being performed: Check availability feasibility study, review, preparation of water rights permitted plan, conduct water rights licensing procedure, acquisition of the license, drafting and construction plan jvhagyattatsa.
Denying a state petition for review, the justices left in place a lower court's ruling that said Texas cannot give special treatment to cities or power generators over more "senior" water rights holders on parched rivers - even if the state declares it necessary to protect the "public health, safety and welfare.
The city's water right to draw from a fork of the Willamette River is junior to the right that preserves the river's in-stream flow that primarily benefits fish.
As the number of irrigating farmers increased, more riparian water rights were issued by the state governments.
Other possible steps include providing trading platforms, streamlining the regulatory process for water rights trading, and continuing adjustments in beneficial-use requirements for maintaining water rights to include environmental flows.
During the meeting, Fahmy stressed Egypt's concern about the issue of water security in the light of its full dependence on the waters of the Nile River, referring to the right of Ethiopia to benefit from its natural resources in achieving development without harming Egypt's water rights.
Though the Winters doctrine is supposed to guarantee water rights for tribes; how, when, and where to implement the law continues to be an area of controversy and litigation.
My research has examined water rights, exchange negotiations, markets, and regulation in the semi-arid U.
The Province of Alberta is currently reviewing its approach to the allocation, licensing and transfer of water rights.
New Mexico American Water, a subsidiary of American Water (NYSE:AWK), reported on Friday that it has been granted emergency authorisation to combine water rights for wells producing potable water for the Clovis water system.
This book is a call to respect the water rights of First Nations and create a new water ethic in Canada and beyond.