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right of access to water

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A timeline of DRD's activities at Thar Coalfield is as follows: Water Master Plan is significant because Thar Coalfield is the 6th largest coalfield of the world, located in Thar Desert area occupying east and south-eastern portion of Sindh province of Pakistan.
Hopefully, the water master can balance the interest of the water rights, so we don't have to deal with priority calls," Castleberry said.
Muscat: As part of the Haya Water Master Plan for the Water Reuse Project, work is underway to implement a network for distributing treated water produced by the treatment plants currently under construction.
Dr Mohammad Dawoud, Water Resources Manager of Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD), lauded efforts to implement the latest water master plan updated in 2009 but warned more measures are essential to ensure critical aquifers aren't bled dry in decades to come.
Secretary Coal & Energy Development Department Aijaz Ali Khan gave a presentation on the TC & PTAP progress update, preparation of water master plan for Thar coal fields including hydro-geological water supply and waste water management studies/scheme.
The Cnossen property was identified as a potential site in the town's water master plan, but engineers Monday night acknowledged that the need for its development was still far in the future, when the town is close to its build-out point.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Efficient use of treated sewage effluent and reducing per capita water consumption are the key components of a strategic water master plan prepared for the emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Something's out of balance," said Mark Mackowski, a court-appointed water master overseeing the San Fernando groundwater basin.
Catering for 40 000 residents, the recently launched Wungong Urban Water Master Plan, the first of its kind in Australia, is Western Australia's largest planned redevelopment, showcasing best practices in ecologically sustainable urban development.
Accurate combined sewer flow monitoring data is required for the city's Clean Water Master Plan and ADS has the technology as well as the ability to meet our aggressive schedule.
Abstract: As part of a Surface Water Master Planning effort, the Department of Water Environment Services, (WES), Clackamas County, Oregon, acquired LiDAR data covering a 52 square mile area in northern Clackamas County.
And Auckland-based Water Master, a water cooler that requires no refilling as it produces its own drinking water.
Hozelock's new Water Master is the most advanced hose-end spray gun for gardeners.
The firm's enhanced capabilities include: design, construction, operation and maintenance services related to natural wastewater treatment; water master planning; water supply, water auditing and conservation; water reuse; and groundwater recharge.
Contract notice: development of the drinking water master plan for siaep in the ablis region