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someone who makes or repairs watches

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however, imperceptible to the old watchmaker, he allowed himself.
Well, Owen," inquired the old watchmaker, as his first greeting, "how comes on the beautiful?
He could have fancied that the old watchmaker was compressed into this baby shape, and looking out of those baby eyes, and repeating, as he now did, the malicious question: "The beautiful, Owen
Owen Warland might have told them that this butterfly, this plaything, this bridal gift of a poor watchmaker to a blacksmith's wife, was, in truth, a gem of art that a monarch would have purchased with honors and abundant wealth, and have treasured it among the jewels of his kingdom as the most unique and wondrous of them all.
Father," said Annie, thinking that a word of praise from the old watchmaker might gratify his former apprentice, "do come and admire this pretty butterfly.
To compete against a myriad of beeping electronic doodads, watchmakers are treading new paths-reinventing the alarm watch by developing new displays, optimizing setting systems to enable users to set their alarms to the nearest minute or associating this function with other useful complications, such as travel or diving watches.
And now bosses have revealed their new home will be at the former Watchmakers bar in Earlsdon.
Watchmakers shouldn't bother with trying to get their brands on the wrists of the young.
It is also vital in maintaining credibility within the company as well as upholding respectful relations with the watchmakers and their clients.
Dubai Watch Week, the Middle East's premier watch exhibition, will bring together more than 40 renowned watchmakers, industry icons and collectors who will share their expertise, knowledge and insights on some of the most debated and trending topics related to horology, next month.
Partnerships between watchmakers and automotive marques may have earned a reputation for being all too common, but a recent collaboration between Hublot and Ferrari merits a closer look.
That has always been the philosophy of Swiss watchmaker Hublot, founded only in 1980, and ranked today among the world's top luxury watchmakers.
The Montana Watch Company is located in Livingston, Montana, where founder Jeffrey Nashan creates unique, handcrafted timepieces inspired by the designs of early American watchmakers.
The Watchmakers building, at the junction of Seel Street and Slater Street, was derelict for many years but has now been converted into offices and student apartments.
Other watchmakers such as Fossil and Tag Heuer have also joined the smartwatch race.