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someone who makes or repairs watches

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however, imperceptible to the old watchmaker, he allowed himself.
Well, Owen," inquired the old watchmaker, as his first greeting, "how comes on the beautiful?
He could have fancied that the old watchmaker was compressed into this baby shape, and looking out of those baby eyes, and repeating, as he now did, the malicious question: "The beautiful, Owen
Owen Warland might have told them that this butterfly, this plaything, this bridal gift of a poor watchmaker to a blacksmith's wife, was, in truth, a gem of art that a monarch would have purchased with honors and abundant wealth, and have treasured it among the jewels of his kingdom as the most unique and wondrous of them all.
Father," said Annie, thinking that a word of praise from the old watchmaker might gratify his former apprentice, "do come and admire this pretty butterfly.
Czapek deserves to be revived, he was one of the great watchmakers of the nineteenth century, who brilliantly combined precision mechanics with extremely refined aesthetics," says Xavier de Roquemaurel, spokesman for the team.
The Rebels of Horology exhibition will host recent creations by watchmakers such as Bovet, Cabestan, De Bethune, Greubel Forsey, Hautlence, Laurent Ferrier, MB&F, H.
Arnold & Son strives to live up to the legacy of one of the greatest British watchmakers John Arnold who together with Abraham-Louis Breguet, largely invented the modern mechanical watch.
The partnership is a signal to the traditional, historical collaborations between watchmakers and experts in other fields who would manufacture other elements of the finished watch.
com, the website of America's best-selling watch magazine, WatchTime, has published a new E-Special, “Modern American Watchmakers.
Team spirit, dedication and passion are common values; joining fans, players, collectors, watchmakers and everyone involved in the history and pioneering spirit of both JEANRICHARD and Arsenal on one common ground.
Swiss luxury watchmakers predict the market will grow this year, expecting rising demand from North America and Europe to more than offset slowing sales to China.
Summary: Swiss watchmakers are warily eyeing Apple's reported progress towards creating a "smartwatch", but say they .
Now, demand is coming down in China: exports of Swiss watches to China fell 26 percent in the first three months of this year compared with the same period last year, and Swiss watchmakers are bracing themselves for the slowdown.
While it's critical for us to think about our future, I can't help wondering about the corporate boardrooms of watchmakers worldwide.