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elected vice president and became the 10th President of the United States when Harrison died (1790-1862)

a town in northeast Texas

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Whether Dortmund win or lose tonight's second leg, hopefully Klopp has got another medieval underdogthemed analogy up his sleeve: "You know, taking a team to the Bernabeu reminds me of Wat Tyler marching on London at the head of the Peasants' Revolt.
The 1381 revolt, led by Wat Tyler, Jack Straw and John Ball, was 'one of the most astonishing events of the later Middle Ages'.
1381: Wat Tyler, first poll tax protestor, was executed at Smithfield.
She has an older brother and sister who also live in the town and worked part-time at the Wat Tyler Country Park in Basildon where she met her 15-year-old boyfriend.
Megan also studied landscaping at the local Wat Tyler country park and had artwork displayed at a local exhibition.
Though the narrative is not indexed, teachers and their students, as well as the general listener, will appreciate the short, lively chapters, many featuring great characters such as Julius Caesar, Boadicia, Lady Godiva, King Arthur, Henry II, Becket, Robin Hood, and Wat Tyler.
Without his work, the far right-wingers might be a dangerous silent group," said Wat Tyler, Splatter Effect Correspondent and Coordinator of the A.
In the later Middle Ages, two revolts took place in England within a fairly short span of time: the Jack Cade Revolt during the reign of Henry VI (1421-1471) and another which had taken place 69 years earlier, the Peasants' Revolt under Wat Tyler in June of 1381.
Keynote speaker Lee Levitt (IDC), along with panelists Brian Halligan (HubSpot), Dan Miller (Neighborhood America), Wat Tyler (SAVO) and Bob Tuohey (Oblicore Inc.
He was injured while protecting the public in a six-hour stand-off after being called with colleagues to a property on Wat Tyler Close in Rugeley.
1381: Wat Tyler led a rebellion against unpopular taxes that has become known as the Peasants' Revolt.
This is no longer the era of Cardinal Wolsey, or of Wat Tyler, the peasant leader killed by the Lord Mayor and his men after challenging the City's might.
TODAY FEASTOFST ANTHONY PADUA 1381: Wat Tyler led the first popular rebellion - against unpopular taxes - in English history.
74m); 6 Millennium; 7 Pizzicato; 8 Bath; 9 White Heat; 10 Wat Tyler.
And the fact that we could come up with another hundred just as impressive (Kipling, Milton, SAS hero Blair Mayne, Georgie Best, Stan Laurel, Wat Tyler, Constable, Shelley, the Duke of Marlborough, etc) is just another reason for quiet national pride.