George Washington

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1st President of the United States

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In Washington, George Shulz re-affirmed US support for President Marcos of the Phillippines.
Other famous people who have been publicly supporting Obama at rallies and various fundraisers include Kerry Washington, George Clooney, Eva Longoria, Beyonce, and Jay-Z.
In fact new horizons were opening up for me, A few weeks after returning home, I received a call from George Shultz, I had gotten to know George shortly before he went to Washington to become secretary of state in 13S2, He had taken an interest in my career and stayed in touch during my time in Washington, George was a director of the Chevron Corporation and wondered if I might be interested in joining the board.
The regional president of Wachovia for retail banking in greater Washington, George Swygertis, is to quit his post.
At a press conference in Washington, George Mitchell, the administration's special envoy to the region, added that the Israeli move "falls short of a full settlement freeze, but it is more than any Israeli government has done before .
In Washington, George Bush, the US president, said the country's economy would bounce back soon, and that he was working to "minimise the impact" of "painful" economic turmoil.
Famous local landmarks and attractions include the ancestral home of George Washington, George Washington's Old Hall, which attracts many visitors to its beautiful gardens and meadows.
She has published a biography of Louisa May Alcott, a study of women's moral values in early America (Being Good, 2003), and is currently writing a biography of Mary Ball Washington, George Washington's mother.
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