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the act of washing dishes


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Domestic production and consumption of illegal drugs remained very limited, and Cuba concentrated its counternarcotics supply reduction efforts by preventing illegal smuggling through Cuban territorial waters, rapidly collecting reported narcotic wash-ups, and preventing tourists from smuggling smaller amounts of narcotics into the country.
This approach acts as an interdiction force-multiplier for CBG troops who are responsible for patrolling the Cuban coastline, largely by foot, collect wash-ups of illicit narcotics around Cuba's 5,746 kilometer coastline.
According to King, possible process savings mills can expect by following this advice include fewer sheet breaks, fewer deposits, reduced wash-ups, minimized process variation, and higher quality product.
Skillings comes off as a bore, rather like one of his own orotund Provincetown wash-ups.
Regular wash-ups can help keep sickness and infections at bay.
Each summer, operations manages a number of beach-related conditions including unusually high clam, mussel, and seaweed wash-ups, proper removal of dead sea mammals, and disposal of fireworks discharged from the beach by the city on the July 4 holiday.
household medical care and intravenous drug use) contribute significantly to beach waste wash-ups.
With FMsix(R) there are fewer special colour wash-ups, which means press capacity is improved, less special inks need to be bought and stored and process waste is reduced.
This system allows us to easily produce high quality process color printing and in perfect CMYK registration without producing plates, make ready or wash-ups.
These "stay-open" inks reduce waste and wash-ups, can be left in the fountain overnight and are an ideal match for aqueous coating or OP varnishing in-line, and foil stamping or UV coating after 48-72 hours.