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the capital and largest city of Poland

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Furthermore, this relation in POLIMEX and MOSTOSTAL WARSAWA was over 10%.
it ROSSINI SPA 11S103 Milan, Italy ROTARY DIE COMPANY SP ZOO 11P132 Warsawa, Poland www.
Sieci neuronowe do przetwarzania informacji, Oficyna widawnicza politechniki warszawskiej, ISBN 83-7207-187-X, Warsawa
Proba teorii koniunktury, Warsawa, ISBCP, translated in Kalecki (1990) as Essay on the Business Cycle Theory, 65-108.
This evolution also translates the acquisition and full consolidation of Huta Warsawa (long products-Poland), Acesita (stainless-Brazil), Dofasco (flat products-Canada) and lately Sonasid (long products-Morocco).