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United States jurist appointed chief justice of the United States Supreme Court by Richard Nixon (1907-1995)

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Warren Burger, chief justice of the United States, announced, "I, for one, will not be there because it's an unsavory and unsuitable place for me to speak.
They substantiate their claim of his influence and chart its continuation well after the court turned more conservative under Chief Justices Warren Burger and William Rehnquist.
Nixon's tendency to nominate justices who shared his ultra-conservative outlook such as Warren Burger Clement Haynesworth Harold Carswell and William Rehnquist.
Sherman Christensen and Chief Justice Warren Burger.
Blackmun, nominated to the court only after President Nixon's first two choices were rejected by the Senate, was initially regarded as an appendage of his fellow Minnesotan, Chief Justice Warren Burger.
By contrast with his self-confident and athletic neighbor, Warren Burger, whom he met in kindergarten, Harry was an inferior participant in sports.
In 1980, when I clerked at the Court, the justices were, roughly from left to right, Brennan, Thurgood Marshall, Harry Blackmun, Byron White, John Paul Stevens, Lewis Powell, Potter Stewart, Warren Burger, and William Rehnquist.
Supreme Court is not at all strange when taking into account the actions of the Court since the retirement of Chief Justice Warren Burger and the ensuing appointments of associate justices whose politics have led to legal decisions resulting in the loss of gains of the civil rights movement.
Douglas wrote, "While the teachings of Bill Baird and Galileo are of a different order, the suppression of either is equally repugnant" The decision was six to one with Chief Justice Warren Burger dissenting.
It goes without saying that William Rehnquist and Warren Burger were very different as personalities.
In the ruling on the Nixon tapes, Chief Justice Warren Burger reaffirmed earlier court decisions that "no person, not even the president of the United States, is above the law.
Part of that story involves his formative friendship with Warren Burger, which originated in a Minnesota kindergarten classroom but was destroyed by their Supreme Court service together.
Maybe Blackmun wanted to provide cover for his friend, Chief Justice Warren Burger, who erroneously believed that Roe and Doe did not establish abortion on demand.
Rebecca Dudley of the Brush News-Tribune in Colorado was a copy editor when Chief Justice Warren Burger retired from the Supreme Court.
The second tale, less revealingly told, is of the relationship between Blackmun and Warren Burger, who served as chief justice from 1969 to 1986.