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United States writer and poet (1905-1989)

United States jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1891-1974)


a series of connected underground tunnels occupied by rabbits

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an overcrowded residential area

a colony of rabbits

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Michael Warren and Sheila Keen-Warren married in 2002.
Yet whether she is tapped to run with Clinton or just serve as one of the campaign's go-to surrogates, Warren is likely to spend much of the fall imparting to voters across the country a worldview that was largely forged in Texas.
Warren claims his rights were breached by Burns's plans to fight under the Matchroom Sport banner.
Austin Warren was a man of immense erudition and a master stylist; his Letters ranks among the very best volumes of correspondence in the English language.
Stoneback's essay on Roberts and Warren explains, there was a time when referring to Roberts as a lesser light would have been inconceivable.
An inquest at Shrewsbury heard the death of Elizabeth Warren, of Warren Parc, Penegoes, Machynlleth, and Dunedin Drive, Shrewsbury, happened in April.
From 85-year-old Warren Stute's recollections of his younger, feistier days when he'd fire owners on the spot, to 50-year-old Gary Stute's tales about missing school so he could be at the track, a few hours with these rascals at Santa Anita's Clocker's Corner is akin to watching episodes of the Bowery Boys on a plasma TV.
Futterman & Associates, LLC leased 33,500 s/f to national retailer Bed Bath & Beyond at 101 Warren Street.
FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS, Seattle's legendary bassist Jared Warren has searched for the right blend of distortion and sludge to meld with his pop sensibilities.
But since Dan Warren and his start-up company took over the former Proboard Ltd.
Perusing Warren's presentation on the project (Warren 2004) cited by Schaeffer, I found that the utility of standard reference materials that allow for collaborations and exhaustive characterization of DEPs is reinforced by several issues Warren highlighted; for example, which of the "794 measurements under consideration" should be made; what should the results be compared to; and what health effect testing should be conducted?
Residents near the Warren Hills C&D landfill in Warren, Ohio, have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the facility and its operators allowed noxious odors, pollution, noise, dust, debris and air contaminants to "invade" their neighborhood, residences and yards.
Conner Warren, retired executive vice president, Citation Corp.
Warren, 282 F3d 1119, the appeals court reviewed a Tax Court decision allowing Warren, a minister, and his wife to exclude up to $80,000 of parsonage allowance.
You learn how to stay clean one day at a time," said Handy, whose troubles have baffled his older brother Warren, a meter reader supervisor with comEd.