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exercising in preparation for strenuous activity

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His aggressive style of play, high leaping ability, and speed led the Warmups team to design a shoe that could withstand the play of players with those qualities.
The Zeh Elementary School second-grader, who has acutelymphocytic leukemia, sat on the Bruins bench during the warmups.
The backup cornerbacks in warmups were Patterson and reserve safety Erick Dargan, but Patterson was sidelined in the second quarter after injuring his knee.
lt;div class="caption">University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer watches his team during warmups before the start of their NCAA football game against Charleston Southern in Gainesville, Florida, September 5, 2009.
There was no explanation, however, why the locker-room door was locked when UCLA returned from its warmups.
5") has plenty of room for shoes, leotards, and warmups.
Meanwhile the Football Association of Wales are set to invite nations taking part in the World Cup to play warmups with Wales in Cardiff - with Argentina likely to be among them.
Sweats early and heavy; will exhibit profuse sweating in a sweat-soaked jersey after merely going through warmups whereas teammates may not yet have broken a sweat or only slightly so.
2] Make warmups and cool downs part of your child's routine before and after sports participation.
Morning warmups, demonstrations, and parades can also be part of the fun.
With ShoZu-equipped phones, performing artists can capture and upload backstage proceedings, rehearsals, warmups, pre-scripted skits, tour activities, bus scenes, day-in-the-life images, and a wide variety of other 'you are there' photos and video clips.
The top-seeded Lady Tams lost one of their best hitters after Bernadeth Pons suffered an ankle injury during the pre-game warmups in Game 1.
There were reports that he was hit in the face by a puck during warmups, but coach Joel Quenneville said that was not the case, and that the injury didn't occur in warmups.
50 seconds into a slight headwind, she began to unravel during warmups for the high jump, unable to clear a bar.
Renardo Sidney stretched out his 6-foot-10 frame at center court, seemingly without a care in the world during pregame warmups, and teammate Malik Story nonchalantly drained jump shot after jump shot from the baseline in front of numerous interested onlookers.