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pie (with a top crust) containing sliced apples and sugar

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Minutes after walking in the door, I had a plate full of warm apple pie and a cup of coffee.
Warm apple pie cocktail SERVES 6 TIME 5 minutes, plus 30 minutes to steep 1/2 qts.
Unfortunately, we only had an hour for lunch, so there was no time for dessert which seemed like a shame, especially as there were three good ones to choose from: sticky toffee pud with ice cream, warm chocolate fudge cake with ice cream and warm apple pie with custard (priced pounds 3.
The warm apple pie didn't taste very homemade and the ice cream was watery: but let's see that as room for improvement and hold on to the glowing goodness of the rest
A number of enjoyable endings, most of which are freshly baked in Emle's productive kitchen, include warm apple pie, a frothy tiramisu and a creamy, tart key lime pie.
Customers will have the chance to receive a complimentary neck massage from a professional masseuse, as well as fresh, warm apple pie, which will be served all day.
One could also argue that the book is as refreshingly homespun as warm apple pie.