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military leader

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supreme military leader exercising civil power in a region especially one accountable to nobody when the central government is weak

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But he closes his eyes to the glaring reality that political power in our provinces are in the hands of political warlords who will monopolize the expanded powers granted to provincial leaders under a federal form of government.
Among the topics are mercenaries and warlords in the Achaemenid Empire, commanders and warlords in fourth-century BC central Greece, prolegomena to the study of warlordism in later Hellenistic Anatolia, why there were no warlords in Republican Rome, and generalissimos and warlords in the late Roman west.
Chairman Senate said that warlord of crowd is coming from the front which says kill the people in crowds.
The expansion will also raise the level cap from 90 to 100, with new dungeons, raids, challenge modes, battlegrounds and more promised, too, "Players will encounter an epic cast of legendary characters and a huge amount of content to explore in Warlords of Draenor," said Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime.
The initial US focus on defeating the Taliban and Al Qaeda created mutually dependent relationships between the US government and Afghan warlords "that empowered these warlords" and "expanded their opportunities for financial gain," according to the study, which was produced by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's "lessons learned" department, The CS Monitor reports.
In a press conference that Sayee held later, he declared: "These warlords would like to take Afghanistan back to those old days .
She supports her thesis by examining the case studies of Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Georgia, Chechnya, and Iraq, and she has organized the lessons from these case studies into observations about the origins, the stability, and the utility of warlords.
Even as the last of the Soviet tanks rumbled north over the Hindu Kush mountain range, the Afghan warlords began battling not only Najibullah's communist forces but also each other in a bid to fill the power vacuum.
HUNDREDS of millions in British taxpayers' money is being siphoned off by Afghan warlords and may be helping to arm the Taliban.
Abdul Rasul Sayyaf: Possibly the most murderous of the warlords.
If warlords wanted to bring peace, they would not have been warlords in the first place.
The warlords let Hariri do his job of rebuilding the country and reforming the economy only after being paid their levies and fees to let this happen, Khoury added.
THE continuing presence of warlords in Africa threatens the process of state-building in the region, according to research at the University of Birmingham.
The Bulldogs' second team had to start their match at Wolverhampton Warlords with 12 players but raced to a 50-26 victory.