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a male witch or demon

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Warlocks - There powers began to grew following the hatching of the dragons and their even grew stonger in the presence of the dragons.
There are always warlocks, drums, shouts, and costumes present during games.
WATER engineers have unearthed what could prove to be one of the most infamous sites in England's history of witches and warlocks.
The posse of witches and warlocks that gathered March 6 at a witchcraft store in Salem--and might have been at home on the Ward family couch in "The Fighter"--were wicked pissed at "Chahlie" for associating warlocks with violence.
Its origins lie in pre-Christian traditions and folklore, but most witches and warlocks draw inspiration from the works of Gerald Brosseau Gardner in the mid-20th Century.
From witches to warlocks, Harry Potter to Hagrid, we are still showcasing snaps of your little horrors online for everyone to see.
The daughter is long dead and the warlocks are engaged in a violent struggle for control of Aotearoa.
Warden of Greyrock: The Warlocks of Talverdin" tells the story of halfbreed of Human and Nightwalker Maurey and the challenges he must face in his castle of Greyrock.
Workshops will ensure that the youngsters get to have fun at Halloween by dressing up as witches, warlocks, ghosts and vampires.
In other words, welcome to Dead Warlocks Society - it's as stupid as it sounds.
I FIRST MET the 25-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist Greg Ashley of the Oakland group Gris Gris last fall in Seattle while they were on tour with the Warlocks.
Warlock combo, the version the trailblazers use, replaces the original large, unwieldy Warlocks that filled up most of a Humvee.
The Warlocks - Surgery (Mute) HHHH Cosmic drone rock with knobs on, drenched in feedback and fuzz, dripping with narcotic melodies and churning guitars that bring together the Velvets and Mary Chain to send shivers down the spine.
London time, to admit hordes of would-be witches, warlocks and ordinary muggles - Potter-speak for nonmagical humans.
He's also an old hand at portraying charlatan preachers: Curtis got his big break as producer of the 1960s supernatural soap opera Dark Shadows, which featured a series of evil clergymen aligned with witches and warlocks.