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United States artist who was a leader of the Pop Art movement (1930-1987)


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NEW YORK -- Hundreds of films by Andy Warhol will be digitized and made available for public screening under a museum partnership.
Warhol did have an Amiga--the classic mid-1980s personal computer known for its early use of color, sound, and animation.
During his most commercial period, Warhol decided to buy himself the most luxurious car money can buy - a 1974 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.
Warhol, who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art, had produced the art in 1985 for the creator of the Amiga computer to aid the launch of the Amiga 1000.
Carnegie made his money in Pittsburgh and the Warhol Museum is part of his legacy.
The exhibition - Andy Warhol at the MAC - will run from Friday February 8 to Sunday April 28, and includes popular imagery from some of Warhol's most famous works including Chairman Mao, Hamburger, cow wallpaper and references to the legendary nightclub Studio 54.
BEIRUT: Q Contemporary Gallery marks its third anniversary this weekend with an exhibition of work by Andy Warhol -- a rare thing in Beirut.
Young was responding to the New York Museum of Modern Art Warhol retrospective which would spend the next 14 months touring various institutions in the United States and Europe, its peregrination helping to cement the artist's posthumous reputation for producing, in the words of the show's curator Kynaston McShine, 'great art, a monument impossible to ignore.
Warhol is famed for images which made the ordinary extraordinary including Heinz Baked Bean cans but his love of the Divas of the entertainment world was both an undeniable fascination and a rich inspiration, with Monroe and Harry just two on a long list of subjects.
It is Warhol at his very best with a perfect screen, glowing colors, and impeccable provenance.
Instant expert A RECENTLY discovered self-portrait by Andy Warhol sold in London this month for more than pounds 10million, double the pre-sale estimate and a further sign of the revival of the global art market.
Duchamp designated his found object "readymade," while Warhol went with the banal or media-disseminated image.
The exhibit has interactive features, including a station where visitors can photograph themselves in 1960s fashion, hands-on art activities for children, and a reading area stocked with children's books illustrated by Warhol.
A doppelganger of the famous Andy Warhol muse--complete with inch-long eye lashes and unlit Marlboro--was part of the scenery at a swanky Warhol-themed soiree hosted by Dom Perignon at the 3,200 s/f penthouse last week.
Tony Scherman and David Dalton's Pop is an entirely new take on Warhol and his world.