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United States artist who was a leader of the Pop Art movement (1930-1987)


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Born in Pittsburgh to Slovakian parents in 1928, Warhol attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology.
Complementing the four hibiscus prints in our exhibition are two very different prints of Poinsettias originally made by Warhol as holiday cards for friends.
Warhol drew and painted Cadillacs and the letters give an illuminating view into the world of a famously private individual.
Fresh off the back of announcing a heavyweight cultural billing for the 2017 event that includes Kano, Pusha T, and Hiroshi Fujiwara, Sole DXB has announced additional programming news as Cadillac and the Andy Warhol Museum come together for an archive-led exhibition, which will launch at Sole DXB 2017.
Es que la fama para Warhol no era solo el ideal de la vida, era, sobre todo, el ultimo permiso.
Warhol fue exitoso desde su juventud --pronto dejo de ser pobre--, epoca en la que se gano la vida ilustrando anuncios de zapatos, carteras y vestuario.
Warhol was played by Crispin Glover in Oliver Stone's 1991 film about the The Doors, called "The Doors.
A good introduction to Warhol for pop art neophytes, The Trip will also appeal to readers eager to learn more about the "Mad Men"-era collision between art and advertising.
There are a number of apocryphal tales as to why Warhol first turned to money as a subject.
Lisa Beauchamp, curator of modern and contemporary art for Birmingham Museums, says all three themes of the exhibition will surprise fans of Morris and Warhol alike.
Transmitting Andy Warhol, opening next Friday, is part of Tate's autumn and winter season which has the umbrella title Making Things Public.
ABSOLUT VODKA HAS INTRODUCED THE LIMITED EDITION ANDY WARHOL BOTTLE, a new design celebrating the premium Swedish vodka brand's iconic collaboration with the illustrious Andy Warhol, who in 1986 became the first in a long line of celebrated artists to collaborate with Absolut when he created an original piece inspired by his adoration of the brand's iconic bottle.
NEW YORK -- Hundreds of films by Andy Warhol will be digitized and made available for public screening under a museum partnership.
In Poor Little Rich Girl, Andy Warhol attempts to capture both the essence of Edie Sedgwick and 1960s New York.
The Warhol Rolls Royce auction continues indefinitely until the luxury vehicle meets the minimum ask price by its Pennsylvania owner.