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Synonyms for warlord

military leader

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supreme military leader exercising civil power in a region especially one accountable to nobody when the central government is weak

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He had joined the Grenadier Guards in June 1914, and although Edward was willing to serve on the front lines, Secretary of State for War Lord Kitchener refused to allow it, citing the immense harm that would occur if the heir to the throne was captured by the enemy.
A Japanese mission was sent to Spain in 1613 from what is now Sendai City, by powerful feudal war lord Date Masamune.
I am aware that there will be people who will say councils are profligate with the revenue support grant and it needs reducing because the nation is out of cash, but when I see talk of PS21m being handed to a war lord in Rwanda under the title of aid and even greater sums in aid going to nuclear armed countries in Asia, my reaction is charity starts at home and home is Middlesbrough and the North-east.
It was lost in 1916 when carrying Secretary of State for War Lord Kitchener on a mission to Russia.
BUDUDA (CyHAN)- There is a new twist in the YouTube Internet viral sensation "Kony 2012" about the Uganda war lord Joseph Kony.
Either one of these two important people can be remembered as a peace maker or war lord.
Lenis and Missy (Misericordia) Clemens are 13 year old slave twins from the Pure Land attached to the airship Hiryu (Flying Dragon) which was being presented to the war lord Shogo lkaru in Shinzo.
There are some great chase scenes, the odd explosion, some Kung Fu sequences, and a fight with a Chinese war lord," says Cumberbatch.
A FEW years ago the British and Americans governments gave to an impoverished War Lord Saddam Hussein, money and arms so that he could fight Iran who were perceived to be our enemy.
The private TV channel ARY New also reported that the prominent Afghan war lord Motasim Agha Jan has been captured by law enforcement agencies in Karachi along with his two cronies.
The clash was between local Taliban forces and the Hezb-e-Islami militia loyal to war lord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.
He wants this bloody war lord to unite the Britons and drive the Saxons from his homeland.
He approached Secretary of State for War Lord Kitchener, who seemed uninterested, and then Winston Churchill, the First Lord, who definitely was interested.
Examples include Crummell's reverence for the English language while promoting the development of a Liberian culture, and Garvey's pacifism and his conception of God as a war lord.
It appears that the right-wing Supreme Court has not appointed a president, they have appointed a war lord.