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Words related to court-martial

a military court to try members of the armed services who are accused of serious breaches of martial law

a trial that is conducted by a military court

subject to trial by court-martial

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25 meeting of FDR's war council, Secretary of War Henry Stimson's notes speak of the prevailing consensus: "The question was how we should maneuver them (the Japanese) into .
Notwithstanding that proviso, what the author sets out to do is to provide a concise overview of the campaign, both from the viewpoint of the politicians in Whitehall, the generals of the War Council and more importantly the soldiers at Anzac Cove, Lone Pine and Chunuk Bam In 230 engaging and informed pages he has succeeded admirably.
Obama, who received a summary of the report Monday, met with his war council at the White House on Tuesday for almost two hours to review and make any final changes to the report.
Where do they go into a huddle, resembling an extended war council, on the basis of an unsubstantiated news report?
It was only after the War Council had ruled out his operation in the North Sea that Churchill reluctantly threw his full support behind Carden's plan to force the straits.
The 'magnitude' of ISI's support can be gauged from the fact that up to seven of the 15-man war council (shura) of the Taliban are said to be Pakistani intelligence agents.
Len and I shared the same roots at the same time, the austerity of a post war council estate, Weoley Castle.
LIKE Indian scouts trying to interpret smoke signals in the old wild west, we await definitive word from the war council of the great warrior chiefs down Ballydoyle way regarding battle plans for Epsom a week tomorrow.
That, too, is the world as it is--not the fantasy world of Obama and Us war council, who believe that one more killing spree in Afghanistan will bring peace, one more surge and evil will be conquered, one more show of force and-we'll finally show 'em.
As the War Council saw it, the eventual goal of the Guantanamo mission was to obtain actionable intelligence through interrogation.
In a recent New York Times article titled Take the war to Pakistan, Seth Jones, a senior civilian adviser to America's special forces commander in Afghanistan, said the Afghan war was "run and organized out of Balochistan" by the Quetta shura, a 15-man war council led by the Taliban leader Mullah Omar.
8) Early in the war, Churchill presented three different schemes for major naval operations, which eventually lead to the Gallipoli plan, but the War Council rejected most of Churchill's proposals as impractical, believing they carried unsavory ratios of risk to reward.
The US President, who has been considering a further deployment to combat Taliban insurgents, could use a war council session to make his long-awaited decision.
Mr Obama was meeting members of his war council yesterday to discuss the forward strategy in Afghanistan.