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United States physician who proved that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes (1851-1902)


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In 1955, Esther Claussen conducted the first patient classification study at Walter Reed.
This effort has been years in the making, and now the future is bright for Walter Reed, Ward 4, and the entire community.
In 1909, the first patients were admitted to a new Walter Reed General Hospital.
Walter Reed spokesperson Sandy Dean told The Examiner that the memo was written incorrectly and the ban was never enforced, adding "family can and always have been able to bring in any religious materials.
The largest of the Department of Defense's medical centers, Walter Reed had been at the forefront of medical instruction, clinical research and patient treatment, and had grown to care for some 775,000 outpatients annually.
The procedure performed by medical teams at Walter Reed and the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine, is the first known case of successful isolation and transplantation of insulin producing cells following severe trauma requiring complete removal of the pancreas.
Perhaps that information could have been useful to officials at Walter Reed.
For those suffering permanent disability--such as amputation or brain injury--many are sent to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
My job at Walter Reed was to ensure that soldiers received the best, safest medical care America had to offer.
Evacuated from Iraq to Walter Reed because of combat stress, Sanders was first held in the lock-down psychiatric ward, like other soldiers I knew.
The exposure of the deep and widespread problems at Walter Reed Army Medical Center by The Washington Post drew immediate attention.
Coming in ninth was the heralded Walter Reed expose by Dana Priest and Anne Hull, followed at 10th place by Bart Gellman and Jo Becker's Dick Cheney series.
WebEx Training Center's Online Classroom on-demand application from WebEx, part of communications solutions provider Cisco (Nasdaq:CSCO), has been selected by the Walter Reed Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEOO) to help provide online classes to help prepare injured soldiers returning from Iraq for careers in IT and tech support, with the application enabling participants to continue their professional education once they are discharged from Walter Reed.
I know you won't believe it, but this is true: Major General George Weightman, who was in command of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center at the time the Washington Post uncovered the scandalous treatment of some of its wounded, has been assigned to command Fort Detrick, Maryland, where the Army does biological weapons research.
The result--a 10-minute film about problems at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington--won first place in the contest's middle-school category.