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Auch Goethes Behandlung des Mythos musste anregend wirken: Warum sollte er nicht eine eigene "klassisch-romantische Phantasmagoric," eine zweite Walpurgisnacht schreiben?
33) Since the previous century it had been best known for wild landscapes (praised by Goethe, Heine, and Theodor Fontane), a modest stream of visitors, and the annual convocation of witches for the celebration of Walpurgisnacht.
The connection between Walpurgisnacht on the one hand and, on the other, the modern labour movement's May Days and the emancipation of women may at first seem a little far-fetched.
The violence continues; walpurgisnacht plays out; the hunt as metaphor stays.
The true embodiment of this Muse/daimon is to be found, not in the staid and Apollonian Coila (as Baxter sees her), but in the young witch at the heart of the darkly comic and Gothicly grotesque Walpurgisnacht of 'Tam o' Shanter'.
By turning her expected masquerade of femininity into a shape-shifting carnival of masks and games, by turning the night into the witches' Walpurgisnacht, she bewilders her audience and forces them to reconsider the roles she so noncommittally embodies.
One of our two major parties has turned nihilist, giddily toying with default on the nation's debt, reveling in the dark pleasures of a fiscal Walpurgisnacht.
This terror at confronting these depths Mann captures in Aschenbach's Walpurgisnacht, with a resonance transcending a specific myth, suggesting something inherent lurking in the human psyche ready to rage forth when the restraints of civilized life falter.
We used to call her Panface, because her face was so flat" A schoolgirl contemporary of Pippa Middleton at Marlborough College "Not an inappropriate night for the Chief Witch to fall off his broomstick and perish" Writer Salman Rushdie, below, pointing out that bin Laden died on Walpurgisnacht, the night of black Sabbaths and bonfires "I stumbled into acting 56 years ago.
This month, Butler Ballet, resident company of the university's BFA program, adds Balanchine's Walpurgisnacht Ballet (1975) to its repertoire.
Two scenes in his epic poem/drama Faust dramatize a legend of medieval Walpurgisnacht ("witches' night") celebrations held on May Eve (April 30/May 1) on the Brocken, the highest peak of the Harz--with satanic powers ranging over the hilltops and in the dark glens.
Goethe's "Die Erste Walpurgisnacht," in which the great German poet speculates on how the folk tradition began.
Peiter rightly argues against Canetti's and Morgenstern's verdict by demonstrating that his much-neglected Dritte Walpurgisnacht of 1933-34 gives a shrewd analysis of National Socialism in the early stages of the dictatorship.
After many adventures, including the Walpurgisnacht (celebration by the witches), Faust finally utters the phrase (Line 11582), and the devil comes to claim Faust's soul.
And one of the pieces he conducted was Mendelssohn's Walpurgisnacht, which I'd never heard before and which is just wild, wild music.