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an ethnic group speaking a dialect of French and living in southern and eastern Belgium and neighboring parts of France

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The Walloons considered themselves to be the Belgian elite and the Flemish were looked down upon.
And, blessed be the Belgians, the Walloons consider themselves superior
Only 14 percent support of Walloons support a union with France and only 9
After a few decades of subsidising the Walloons, many of the Flemish have concluded that the problem is the central government itself and that the solution is its abolition.
The Walloon political leaders ceded all sorts of powers to the various federal entities, but they managed to keep both taxation and social spending under the control of the central government.
But negotiating a split with the Walloons would require much debate.
Belgium, after all, became an independent state in 1830, precisely in order to liberate the Catholic Flemish, as well as the Walloons, from being second-class subjects in a Protestant Dutch monarchy.
One reason why Flemish Belgians resent having to prop up the Walloons with their tax money is that they regard them almost as foreigners.
Belgians are a national group consisting of two principal ethnic communities--Flemings in the north and francophone Walloons in the south.
Flemings in these southern Manitoba parishes were united with Walloons in preferring a Catholic education, but some wavered on linguistic matters.
Indeed, the Walloons were always quick to point out that the first Dutch Reformed confession of faith--the Confessio Belgica--was initially written in French and only later translated into Dutch.
Besides, my wife's grandfather was a Walloon and there's not many can say that.
He was referring to increasingly tense relations between Belgium's two main population groups, the Dutch-speaking Flemings who live in the north and the French-speaking Walloons who inhabit the south.
One need only to examine the uneasy relationship between the English and French speakers of Canada; the Walloons and the Flemish of Belgium; the Greeks and the Turks of Cyprus; the Jews and the Arabs of Israel; the Irish and the English; the Basques and the Catalans of Spain; the internecine fighting among the former Soviet republics; the Serbs and the Muslims of former Yugoslavia; the Tutsis and the Hutus of Rwanda and Burundi; and the Hindus and the Muslims of India and Pakistan, just to name a few.
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