Wall Street

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a street in lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange is located


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used to allude to the securities industry of the United States

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He could not help but appreciate the dramatic qualities of the situation; that the richest man in Wall Street should appear in person to plead for a humble and weaker brother.
Then into the expectant hush came a great crash and uproar, the breaking down of the Brooklyn Bridge, the rifle fire from the Navy Yard, and the bursting of bombs in Wall Street and the City Hall.
With the signing of this lease 48 Wall Street is now 97% leased.
Sure, people are still taking expensive time share rentals on Long Island's tony Hamptons and one can occasionally spot a fur coat on a 20-something trader walking down Wall Street.
But Wall Street Week is hardly the only media outfit that mystifies the market.
As Teitelman points out, they "began to think of Wall Street not as a grim Golgotha, but as a Golconda .
Wall Street uses its investment evaluation process to judge business performance and make stock buy/sell recommendations.
In light of that commitment, the Company has retained Wall Street Marketing Group to lead the efforts in shareholder communications.
who will be expanding and relocating from 30 Wall Street to the entire 15th floor comprising 15, 900 square feet, while the second lease was signed with the law firm of Kadaris & Kelleher who will be relocating from 40 Wall Street to a portion of the 16th floor comprising 7,100 square feet.
Wall Street firms, especially big mutual fund companies such as Fidelity Investments, are gearing up for a major lobbying effort about Social Security's looming financial problems - and the role money managers might play in its salvation.
Wall Street elders insist that up-and-coming investmentbankers like Dennis Levine, who pleaded guilty to parlaying insider information to build a $12.
Paul Brandt-Rauf, to publicly apologize for falsely stating to the Wall Street Journal and others that she had agreed to the retraction.
The tower at 40 Wall Street was almost 100 percent vacant when Trump bought it approximately two years ago.
The more glamorous and high-paying jobs, such as investment banking and trading, are even more of a male preserve than Wall Street itself.
NEW YORK -- The Rainbow/PUSH Wall Street Project, an initiative of the Citizenship Education Fund and The New York Times Job Market, announced today they will collaborate to produce the Wall Street Project/New York Times Job Market Career Opportunity and Development Expo, to be held Jan.