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(trademark) a pocket-sized stereo system with light weight earphones

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Other companies like Toshiba, Aiwa, Panasonic and dozens more brands jumped in the portable cassette player war, but the Walkman remained the undisputed king of sales and quality.
BEIRUT: Nestled in Hamra's notorious Alleyway, new restobar Walkman was designed to take patrons on a journey back in time to the good old eclectic '80s.
Trying to regain the title, Sony has announced four new Walkman models - the F800, S770BT, E570 and E470.
For a good decade and a bit the Walkman reigned supreme.
Now considered to be another obsolete technology, the cassette Walkman was the first low-cost, portable music player.
Seven years before Sony introduced the Walkman, inventor Andreas Pavel solved the problem of musical isolation with a second set of headgear.
Eventually Sony opted for Walkman here and everywhere when it was launched on July 1, 1979.
Fitness fanatics could jog around listening to their favourite tunes and people began living their lives to rock soundtracks when the revolutionary Walkman arrived in Britain in the 1980s.
THE Sony Walkman, the single best-selling consumer electronics product ever made, was 20 years old today.
Thus the Walkman was born, and it soon became an essential part of the ``Me'' generation, as seemingly every sweaty jogger or workout buff had the little box strapped to a thigh or waist, bopping to his or her own personal soundtrack.
When Walkmans were unleashed, Sony sent them to recording artists, TV and movie stars free of charge.
Asked in an interview to defend this, he explained that while he didn't care for all the music that was played, it was better than the alternative: kids listening to their own tunes on Walkmans.
In it, he revealed he told engineers to make Walkmans despite the lack of market research.
In it, he reveals he told engineers to make Walkmans despite the lack of market research.
The PV Solar Chargers include applications for Cell Phones, Walkmans, Discmans, PDA's, and even Laptops.